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Business Visualizations, Creatio updates

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Creatio 7.18 More Productivity Enhancements

One of the benefits of being involved in our CRM partnership with the Creatio team is the innovative and helpful enhancements that occur regularly. Creatio is constantly working to deliver advanced low-code/no-code capabilities to accelerate your process automation and application development for customer-facing, IT, and back-office teams. Here are the new features included in Creatio version 7.18.0.

Video covering the Creation 7.18 highlights.

The update guide for the on-site applications is available in a separate article.

The list of marketing enhancements includes management tools for bulk emails, campaign management, and a new landing page element for business process automation.

One of the new features is the Homepage designer that adds a no-code homepage customization tool that enables completely new approaches and provides advanced technologies for building user interfaces.  Customized homepages are now available for all Creatio's products.

User customization tools

Homepage Designer

The homepages, a brand new feature designed to aggregate dashboard information for workplace users. The homepage can be found at the top of the workplace section list in the side panel.

You can open the homepage from the side panel. The homepage will also replace the main Creatio page if you have not customized the main page previously.

All preset workplaces have homepages: “Sales,” “Marketing,” “Service,” etc.

Edit the homepage content with no-code tools that offer powerful customization opportunities.

Opening the homepage editor


You can also create new homepages when setting up workplaces.

Creating a workplaces' homepage


The Homepage Designer:

  • Added a new no-code homepage customization tool. The homepage designer has an intuitive UI and offers powerful customization opportunities. For easier setup, the elements in the homepage designer replicate that of the homepage.

Setting Up the Homepage


  • It is now possible to fine-tune the homepage color scheme. You can select from 16 available colors for all dashboards. You can customize the header color and the series color independently in charts with several series. Hovering over the chart will show the tooltips for all series at once. This allows you to compare the series visually.

Setting up a chart with several series

Setting up a chart with several series

  • It is now possible to customize chart header styles:

Setting up the chart header styles


  • Added various style options to the "Metric" dashboard

The fill options for the "Metric" dashboard

Metric dashboard style

  • Added a new "Doughnut" chart. Hovering over any sector of the chart will show the tooltip in the center, allowing you to direct more attention to chart values

A doughnut chart




AI Technologies:

  • You can now use batch prediction to streamline data classification; perform automatic preliminary reviews of the training datasets, and view the keywords and phrases that affect the prediction results for ML models.
  • It is now possible to examine the response from the web service, test its functionality, and debug it during setup. You can send a request and receive a response directly from the web service setup UI without the need to configure and run a business process.


In the newest release, users can examine the responses from the web service and test its functionality with no-code tools as well as debug it during setup.



  • Streamlined Creatio user authentication. It is now possible to log in to Creatio with both a username and an email. To set up email login, fill out the [ Email ] field on the user pages. You need system administrator permissions to edit this field.


  • You need to order licenses before updating Creatio on-site to version 7.18.0. You can order licenses within the license manager.

    The issued licenses are valid for the version you specify during the order and earlier, streamlining the update process.


  • It is now possible to add multiple columns simultaneously to the change log. This allows for a faster data logging setup.  Logging of changes is a useful method to identify key changes.


Omnichannel communications:

  • Added WhatsApp messenger customer communication channel. Creatio uses Twilio, an official Facebook partner, for integration.

    You need to register and verify a Twilio account to add a WhatsApp channel. Read more about the registration in Twilio documentation.

    Agents can process all messages sent through WhatsApp in the communications panel.

    This feature is only available for beta testing in Creatio version 7.18.0. It is not possible to send files through chat. We appreciate your feedback!

Sales Tools:

Financial Services Creatio has been enhanced with the AI-driven NBO (Next Best Offer) recommendations that enable financial services companies to build a more personalized approach to customer acquisition. Now users can also select a product from the catalog in accordance with specified conditions, and quickly navigate to a request setup.

Mobile application:

Now users can tag employees in the approval feed. The history of approvals will be displayed in the mobile app too, similar to what users see in the system on their desktop.

Approvals in the mobile app

  • It is now possible to tag any employee in the approval feed. For users' convenience, the app displays the previous approval participants first when selecting contacts.

Tagging contacts in the approval feed


  • The mobile app now has a history of approvals that have been processed in desktop Creatio.

Creatio Academy - full set of 7.18.0 release notes here

Download PDF- What's New in Version 7.18

The "How to update" guide for the on-site applications is available in a separate article.

What is new and valuable from Creatio updates


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