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Accelerate Your Business Transformation Today

Today more than ever, running a business is challenging, particularly for mid-sized and small companies. What business issues does CRM solve? Not rising to the challenges can cost you customers, profits, and your competitive edge. That’s too high a price, isn’t it?

Ask yourself these questions to identify any lurking business issues.

Do you know where your business stands?

  • You’re operating blind if you can’t quickly pull up data on your key business metrics and KPIs.
  • Smart, timely decisions require a holistic  perspective that includes marketing results, sales performance, and service resolutions.

Do you have one centralized customer knowledge database?

  • Your staff is wasting time if they must look up information from multiple databases – and then still end up with incomplete information. And time is money.
  • You’re losing revenue from existing territory when a new rep takes it over without comprehensive information about those customers in your system.
  • Your sales reps are losing sales when they visit a customer unaware of what open or closed service issues that customer might have.

Can you track customer issues and their resolution?

  • A pattern of unresolved issues will continue to cost you customers.
  • Product returns are costly, and you need to be able see patterns that might indicate sales or order processing issues.
  • Customer feedback will help you improve your products and service.
  • Mistakes will just run on repeat without the data a good tracking system will provide.

Are you following a proven sales process specific to your industry in your target market?

  • Without one, your sales opportunity forecasts will be inaccurate.
  • Without one, your reps won’t be able to identify stuck or lagging opportunities.
  • Ordering raw materials to match production to an inaccurate sales forecast can result in excessive or inadequate inventory.

Are you missing opportunities to cross-sell or up-sell?

  • You are, if you don’t have complete information about each customer’s buying history and related product requests.
  •  You are, if you don’t have a sales opportunity management system with Guided Selling options.

Are your departments communicating well with each other about how they are meeting customer needs?

  • Frustrated customers who get disjointed service see your business as not very  "smart."
  • Without one centralized customer information database, your employees are wasting time finding past commitments made to customers and prospects.
  • You lose revenue when customers hang up and buy from your competitor.

Are you missing competitive insights?

  • Are you missing out in identifying insights about competitors that will help the entire selling team?
  • Do you know why you are losing some opportunities and why customers drag their feet on deciding to buy from you?
  • You can’t build a competitive strategy with your sales team unless you can track strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Is your customer profile information reliable?

  • Inaccurate customer information will lead to missing the mark with your marketing.
  • Inaccurate customer information will undercut sales effectiveness with today’s customers who expect you to know and interact with them as individuals.
  • Inaccurate and duplicate customer information will hurt your employees’ productivity.
  • Both your customers and your employees will be confused and frustrated.

If these questions reveal any areas of concern, let us know. We believe we can help, based on the number of clients we’ve helped to transform their business over the past 30 years.


“Dick’s ability to truly understand client needs and business drivers set him apart from other consultants in the field." - Mike Hogan, Hogan Consulting Group

"Dick is the ultimate pro at applying and teaching the value of CRM, business strategy, target marketing, and self-improvement for your business and personal goals.” - Steve Stogdil, Owner, Victorian Pantry


You deserve to have the confidence to boldly move your business toward your vision. Email us or call today.  Dick@SuccessWithCRM.com   268-445-3001


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