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QuickBooks Integration, Data migration, Creatio CRM

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Integrating Creatio and Quickbooks

Connecting Creatio CRM and QuickBooks Accounting

Quickbooks connector for Creatio provides Creatio users access to back office information they need when they need it. No need to switch between the ERP application and Creatio to better understand the customer.  No need to make a phone call to accounting.

Bring the most important data to your users with our StarfishETL integration platform and prebuilt Creatio package.

Today, StarfishETL platform supports integration between Creatio and Quickbooks. Its prebuilt and ready to go. It comes complete with prebuilt forms, schema and workflow. 

The integration comes with a pre-built Creatio package and requires the StarfishETL platform. Install the prebuilt Creatio package and let us know your deployment option. You can deploy using StarfishETL cloud platform or StarfishETL on-premises.

It's not just about moving a few fields. It's about creating a great experience for the user. 

Here's what you can expect from our prebuilt Creatio and Quickbooks integration:

  • Automatic synchronization of new customer data entered in QuickBooks to new or existing accounts and contacts in Creatio
  • One-way synchronization from QuickBooks Items into Creatio products
  • From the Creatio Account screen, view
    • QuickBooks main account detail, including balance and terms
    • Sales Orders
    • Invoices
    • Invoice Line Items
    • Items (products)
    • Sales Order Line Items
    • Payment History
  • Orders with a "won" status in Creatio are synchronized back into QuickBooks as a Sales Order
  • Easy to install, customize, and use
  • Unlimited upgrades for both Starfish and the QuickBooks connector as they are released 

Creatio Account detail with Quickbooks data

Account detail from Quickbooks

The integration supports QuickBooks Premier, Professional, Enterprise, Simple Start, and Online Edition. All QuickBooks editions are supported starting from 2002 to the most recent QuickBooks version. In addition, Canadian, New Zealand, Australian, and UK editions are supported starting from 2003.

No code required Map Designer, scripting if you need it 

Need more than what comes out of the box, extending your integration is easy using our powerful yet user-friendly integration designer. 

  • Integrate with popular applications in the CRM space
  • Create new maps or start from out of the box data maps
  • Manage field to field mapping
  • Create data transformations
  • Schedule data transfers

StarfishETL designer to modify integration

Starfish ETL designer for QB-Creatio mapping


Need to be in the cloud? Need to stay on-premises? No problem!

Our StarfishETL platform can be deployed on-premises or deployed in the cloud. If you don't have the expertise, we can host the integration for you.


Enterprise-ready cloud, hybrid, on-premises deployments 

  • Secure and Scalable - we welcome migrations of all sizes, including the largest enterprise operations. Our powerful platform can move massive quantities of data quickly while locking down the encrypted data security. 
  • Multi-layer Error Checking - Starfish monitors errors at every level, from high-level audits to a deep trace, and the system proactively informs you of these errors as they occur so they can be resolved faster.
  • Partner Ecosystem - Our extensive partner ecosystem spans the country, and is comprised of experts who are ready to guide you on your data migration journey.  

Support Conditions:

Email support is provided directly from Starfish with a 4 hour response between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm US Central time, weekdays. Use support@starfishetl.com for help. 


  • On-premise  is $1,800/year
  • Cloud-standard is $1,800/year
  • Cloud-Custom is $4,800/year  

Please inquire about setup fees based on your needs.

For on-premises installations, additional fees may apply. 

Systems must be accessible to StarfishETL server. 

Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.

Additional Information:

  • Creatio version 7.13 or higher is supported
  • Video on how to install the Starfish ETL QuickBooks integration

Starfish ETL Creatio  Product PDF

For questions feel free to give me a call 269-445-3001. 

We are a StarfishETL partner and we are using this ourselves for integrating Quickbooks and Creatio, including posting Creatio time sheets to Quickbooks invoices.


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