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Select Adaptable CRM for Tailoring to Your Business Environment

Implementing an effective CRM program for your business means evaluating your needs, Saleslogix-tailor-made-crmassessing what solutions best meet your needs and balancing the costs of those solutions with the resources available.

For one business the best solution may be a per-user subscription to a CRM program based on the cloud. The business may be relatively small with basic needs for customer and contact management, sales tracking and opportunity capture.

For another business the solution may be going with the purchase of an on-site software package that will run in-house on company-owned equipment. This may be because of customer security concerns or the need to protect proprietary company information.  

Adaptable CRM is a high, differentiated value of Infor CRM (Saleslogix). For example, SalesLogix can be customized to use the terms that your employees are already using for various tasks, processes and functions. There is no need to train people in new jargon or make them change existing terminology to match the software. Instead the software can match your existing practice. You can use the term “organizations” instead of “accounts.”  You can call your “service requests” “tickets.” You can say “tickets” instead of “client matter.”


The adaptable CRM can also make it simpler for users by using prompts that hide prompts not used by your business or reduce how complex they appear.  SalesLogix can be set up to match your business’s style and not force your business into some alien style. This familiarity can help increase user engagement and enhance user adoption.  User engagement is a must, from the top level executives through mid-level managers right down to the sale representatives.  Adoption throughout the organization will drive the success of the CRM implementation.


Planning for Successful Implementation

Your CRM consultant can guide the planning process and aid in implementation that meets Infor CRM to Fit The Way You Do Businessyour needs – and provide the ability to adjust on-the-fly if initial decisions have to be re-evaluated based on changing circumstances or new information.

As an ongoing process, the successful implementation of your CRM system will include periodic reviews to determine if business goals are being achieved or if further changes need to be made. Attention needs to be paid to a customer throughout the entire life cycle of their relationship with your business. First they have to find you, then they have to try you and then they trust you.

The process will include scheduling milestones for migrating data into the CRM system and data integration with other aspects of the business such as ERP and accounting.  Education and training of end users and support staff, including IT will make the CRM system more sustainable.

The CRM process has to be customized for the way your business operates. For example, do you get leads from the Web? Do you have lists of leads periodically imported from trade shows? Do your end users have high or low levels of technical expertise? What are the sources for your customer data and at what level of quality?


7 Keys to Success with CRM:

Here at Success with CRM Consulting, Inc., we know our customer relationship management well and have successfully implemented Saleslogix in several types of client businesses.  Read our ebook to learn:

  • What CRM can do for you
  • How and where to get the right professional help
  • The things you need to know before choosing a CRM tool
  • How to tailor the process solution to your needs
  • How to tie everything together – the people and the technology – to make CRM successful for you and your business



We like to say that a successful CRM Implementation is not a destination, it’s a journey. Read our ebook to find out more.


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