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7 Key Benefits for C-level Executives when considering CRM

When I'm collaborating with entrepreneurs and executive management, we'll get to discuss the business benefits that matter most to them when deciding upon and then implementing a Customer Relationship and Management system.  The following are 7 key benefits that will be discussed.

1.  Build loyal relationships by maximizing the effectiveness of every person's interaction.

We all know that successful business revolves around the depth and breadth of the relationships we have with prospects, customers, clients, partners, vendors, employees, etc.  CRM provides the one trusted source where your company's domain knowledge about people and companies resides.  Consider the added advantages of knowing more about these types of people relationships and turn that into actionable information.

crm-impacts-relationships-among-people-resized-600.jpgUnderstand more about the 60% importance of People in a well-used CRM system.

Where is your CRM system working and what part is missing?

BPMonline Funnel capabilities


2. Turn insight into decisive action by analyzing performance, trends and business metrics.

Use business dashboards to slice and dice your back end database information so you can make faster and more informed business decisions.

Make fast, reliable business decisions with an eagle-eye view of performance data.


An Opportunity stats

3.  Create and manage marketing campaigns in one place - targeting the most profitable prospects.

Quickly identify who is responding to your campaigns and place new prospects into a drip marketing campaign to nurture the relationship with valuable content from your company.  Provide an up to the minute call list of the most interested prospects for each sales professional.

sale and marketing align with bpm online-1


4. Resolve customer requests quickly and capitalize on new selling opportunities.

Gain exceptional responses about your customer service levels by knowing early the common issues and their resolutions by using your CRM knowledge database.



5. Automate business processes thus maximizing team effectiveness and productivity

Today's intelligent technology allows a person and department to get more accomplished in less time. Examples include Automated Lead managementadvance business alerts for critical events and automated work flow, or Smart marketing automation.


Integrated Email system with CRM:

Additionally having built in tools to help manage a sales person's day so they can easily click to filter the most important information or work from Inside Microsoft Outlook, boosts engagement, knowledge of the customer and productivity.



6. Access vital information whenever and wherever.

Mobility is a must for working outside of the office.  Whether your sales reps are traveling on an airplane, sitting in traffic or working after hours, your CRM system needs to provide 24 x 7 x 365 access to the information when needed. That may be by using a mobile tablet, smart phone or laptop.

bpmonline mobile 7.10 on iPad


Tip: Empower sales professionals to arrive at an appointment with actionable intelligence about the contact and the value of the businessInfor_CRM_Mobile_3.3_Manage_opportunity.png

7. Customize your CRM solution to suit your unique business needs.

Just-what-I-wanted-CRM.pngEvery business has specific information that they need to improve productivity and business decisions.  The CRM solution needs to be "molded" to fit your unique circumstances. 

Personalizing your CRM system will also improve user adoption, leading to long term success with CRM.


Infor CRM  or bpm'online are  capable to work the way your business needs to work.  It can be personalized and tailor to the different roles within your organization.


Read examples of the solutions we have applied for our clients.

  • Product catalog building and updating
  • Lead capture from web site and automated follow up
  • Custom quoting/proposal creation and management
  • Waste fuel transportation, recycling and billing system
  • Client relationships management system for CPA firm with integration CCH Client practice management
  • Accounting systems integrations with Quick books, Infor Syteline, Peachtree, MAS 200, eAutomate, etc.
  • Business and community development system for Public power company
  • Not for Profit skills and donation tracking system
  • Marketing automation with CRM
  • Personalized content creating and nurturing e-marketing planning and integrations


Each of these 7 benefits is important in varying degrees to the entrepreneur and executive management. 



Start with our CRM optimization consultation to discover how CRM can help your business become more successful. 


Give Dick or Julie a call at 269-445-3001 to get started now or schedule a phone conference call below.


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