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The Most Adaptable Survive - So Become More...

Many business people incorrectly believe that brute strength ensures survival, see it as a virtue, and think of themselves as strong. They don't want to deal with any evidence that contradicts their belief.  This appears in many entrepreneurial based businesses and they incorrectly quote Charles Darwin as "... the strongest survive."

In reality Charles Darwin stated "It's the most Adaptable of the species that survive".  It is not the strongest or the smartest of the species that survive.


Transportation and navigation adaptability:

If we review the changes in transportation that have occurred from horses, to steam engine trains, to the Model A Ford, to our big gas guzzlers, to RV craze, and now the hybrid car- the way people get around and navigate has certainly changed and business have been adaptable.


The most adaptive companies have been able to retain their dynamic and consistent profitable track records.  We come across business owners and management that struggle to have a full and consistent pipeline. This leads to discussions about their strategy to acquire, develop, and retain profitable customers - core capabilities of CRM systems. Without this clear understanding of future revenues they cannot make the better decisions to remain more adaptable.

One of the specialties of our Success with CRM Consulting business is in the design and use of adaptable CRM systems to help our client's business grow.  A flexible CRM system has been able to design core functionality

  • of service tickets for an accounting firm to manage client matters
  • for the use of service tickets and contract management for Information Technology firms and
  • for opportunity management extensions and event tracking for financial services industry.

A flexible CRM system is used for the finding, the keeping, and the growing of your profitable customer database. We help businesses navigate with adaptability so they can consistently move to the next level of their defined success.  Let us know your interest, here.

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