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Time is a Thief - Success with CRM is the Cure

Time is the one resource we cannot add to not matter what.  The clock keeps ticking whether we accomplish something or not.  ...
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More Listening Results in a Simply Smarter Solution

The Shared Discovery Process The other day Julie and I were visiting a local Sage ACT! small business client that had recently ...
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Personal Details Matter - CRM to the rescue

Have you ever really connected with someone at a networking event or during a sales call? Maybe your children are the same age, ...
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When Sales People Go Bad - Sage ACT Security Settings

You run a tight ship and you have a careful hiring process, ensuring that only capable, enthusiastic people become a part of your ...
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Faster than a speeding bullet - QuickBook Sales Data to ACT!

Faster Synchronization ACT and QuickBooks Synchronizations just got 5 to 10 times faster with the latest release of ...
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Down the Broken Trail of Forgotten Relationships - Part 1

You have your ACT! Software.You are now on the cutting edge of Customer Relationship Management.Now what? First of all, ...
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How Carbonite is Kryptonite for Sage ACT!

Not all backup systems are the same.  Although it is always important to backup your data, some online systems can actually ...
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3 More Reasons to Choose Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Instead of ACT!

We are often asked about the differences between ACT! contact/customer management and Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) ...
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Upgrading from ACT! - Are you ready for CRM?

Are you ready for Customer Relationship Management? As a Sage or Swiftpage ACT! user, your business has relied on ACT! to ...
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Use Your Mobile Device to Stay in the Know using Sage ACT

Have you ever been on a sales call and forgotten a crucial piece of information at the office? Maybe it was the address or time ...
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