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ACT! 2012 What's New and Improved

Discover how this new functionality is sure to make ACT! owners Happier and competitorsSad!



Business Command Center:

Our clients use ACT! as a type of business command center where they can manage their business contact relationships and stay up to date with what is happening in their organization.

As a small business and busy sales teams you are probably looking for every bit of productivity enhancements you can get in a fast changing business world. So Sage has added new integration with the increasingly common Google GMail, calendar and contacts applications.  Finding where you have place information can be faster and more effective with the Universal Search capability. And the virtual notepad helps to keep those thoughts and actions that need a safe and trusted place to be stored.


New! - Seamless Google Integration:

Google apps user?  Then you'll love the seamless interaction between ACT! 2012 and Gmail™, Google Contacts and Google Calendar that is available.

Gmail™: Send and receive emails from Gmail and ACT! will keep a history of those emails for a complete view of your communications with that contact.

Google Contacts: Create new Google Contacts from ACT!, create new ACT! Contacts from Google, or sync all or just a subset of your Sage ACT! contacts with Google®.

Google Calendar: Sync your ACT! and Google calendars manually or automatically using pre-programmed interval; choose which ACT! activity types sync to Google and then clear activities from either application; specify if you want ACT! or Google to “win” for conflict resolution when both calendars have been change; and more! 


New!  Universal Search   Sage-ACT-Search

The new Universal Search tool in ACT! 2012 delivers faster, more expansive search results. Find that key digital document or piece of informatino you need from within your ACT system.  This includes your contacts, groups, companies, opportunities, notes, history, and attachments.  You can filter your search criteria by all dates, last 24 hours, last week, and last month. Then with a click view search results displayed by relevance. Double-click on the item of interest to be taken to that particular linked field or attachment and use the back button to view the search results page again.


New!  Virtual Notepad with ACT! Scratchpad

Every wanted to have a virtual yellow sticky pad that did not make your desk look like something from the 80's?  With the new ACT! Scatchpad, you can quickly capture ideas, comments, phone numbers and personal information digitally.  (No more pen and paper, unless you need to have that tactical touch and feel......) 

Sage ACT Scratch Pad

The ScratchPad works inside or outside of ACT!  Write down things down you need to remember.  Then, easily transfer the item into ACT! as a note, history, or activity.

Useability Improvements

For web administrative management and updates have been included to enhance the features you've already continue to love and competitors hate!

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System Requirements

Give Julie Cooper a call @ 269-445-3001 and we can discuss what is important for YOU!

 Last chance to take advantage of upgrade pricing on older versions of Sage ACT! 2000- 2009 before May 31st, 2012!

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