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Don't miss out on a better view of your contacts in Act!

Get a better view of your contacts and easily capture web leads!

Acquiring new prospects that fit your ideal profile, staying 'top of mind'  with your contacts and obtaining a 360 degree view of customers are core capabilities of a customer relationship management system such as Act! or Saleslogix.

Now Contact Timeline and Lead Capture new capabilities are available in the latest Act! Feature Packs for Business Care subscribers only.



New Contact Timeline Feature:

  • Easily see all the interactions with a particular contact - meetings, calls, opportunities, and more - at a glance!
  • Filter to view particular interaction types, such as opportunities and histories.
  • Edit interactions, right from the timeline
  • Easily view who is communicating with prospective and current contacts 

The Lead Capture service works with Act! v16.1 and higher.

Visit the Contact Timeline FAQ page for more information.


New Lead Capture Feature:

  • Create simple web forms to capture new contacts from your web page, newsletters, emails and more.
  • Easily copy/paste HTML or use a hyperlink to your hosted form.
  • Basic email capture form or Extended forms with more contact information
  • Leads are automatically added to an Act! Group, so it's easy to stay organized.
  • Use Act! emarketing to send targeted emails, drive new sales, and create customers for life.


The Lead Capture service works with Act! v16.1 and higher.  Currently it is available on Windows platform only. An Act! emarketing account is needed to provide the technical platform by which leads are captured and organized in Act! and also fulfills the legal requirement for proper lead generation.  Visit the Lead Capture FAQ page for more.


Download and view the full capabilities of the Act! emarketing brief.


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