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Newest Act! v17.1 Contact system improvements

Act! v17.1, the newest and most intelligent version of the #1 best-selling contact and customer manager.

With enhancements to integration and automation, it's easier than ever to turn your marketing efforts into successful sales.

Finally, sales process meets nurture marketing.

Key Highlights of Act! v17.1

  • Enhanced Call List functionality enables users to take actions directly from the Call List - like scheduling follow-ups, and creating Histories and Lookups.

  • Additional customization options give users a more personalized experience - including customized big buttons, Act! Notifications, and default History options.

  • Automation & Productivity Enhancements help streamline activities like import and duplicate checking (on Windows and Web!), Global web Info preference management, and additional options for URL links in Documents.


Act! v17.1 delivers a fantastic range of features bulleted and described below: 

Also below are 13 helpful videos to get help answer your questions and get you going.

Intelligent emarketing:  Call List Improvements

o Purpose: Save time by performing common tasks directly from a call list
o Select Contacts - Video - http://youtu.be/RBcQ3kNcbiw
o Create Activities
o Create Histories - Video - http://youtu.be/xJTYNHA8HwM
o Create Lookup - Video - http://youtu.be/N0O1nRPSif0
o Delete Call Lists - Video - http://youtu.be/MXq_8sPTX48


Automation & Productivity Enhancements

  •  Improved URLs in Documents
o Purpose: Use the same model to add links to folders
o Link to any folder
  •  Improve Accessibility on High Resolution Monitors
o Purpose: Machines with Large Fonts (High DPI) settings can have problems with display
o This improves usability for common devices
  •  Improved Outlook Sync Logging and Stability

o Major enhancements to logging, minor changes to stability


Streamlined configuration and access options

  •  Customizable Big Buttons
o Purpose: Allow removing and organizing Big Buttons on the global toolbar at the top of Act!
  •  Global Preference Management - Web Info
o Purpose: Easier configuration of larger Act! deployments
o Adds Web Info links as a global database preference so I can add/remove them for all users
o This will reset ALL Web Info links and require you to set them up again
  •  Manage Drop Down Lists
o Purpose: Easier management of lists in Act!
o Web gets the ability to add manage these
o Windows and Web get the ability to modify them in line with field creation
o Video - Windows - Add Manage Drop Downs to Create Fields http://youtu.be/6fyj2p_8JZc
o Video - Web - Add Manage Drop Downs to Create Fields http://youtu.be/1OraCejI7zY
o Video - Web - Add Manage Drop Down Lists to Web http://youtu.be/IXHOsaPKrko
  •  Import and Duplicate Checking
o Purpose: Allow you to change duplicate checking settings on import.
o Both Windows and web allow you to change
  •  Administrator Notifications
Purpose: Message all users within Act!
  •  Change Default History Options
o Purpose: Allow users to specify what the default history types should be
o Note: This is a per user setting saved in the database
  •  New Installs get SQL 2014
o Purpose: Stay with the times and install the latest version of SQL
o This will install SQL 2014 on machines that do not have SQL
o Will not install SQL 2014 on Windows XP or Vista
o This will not update any version of SQL
o SQL 2014 can be used in a mixed sync environment, but the server must be the lowest version. IE Server 2008 and Remote 2008/2012/2014.
Existing Act! v17 customers can download this update in Swiftpage ActDownload Center.
Vist the Act Community to find out Tips and Tricks from fellow Act users and administrators.

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