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Gain Valuable Market and Product Insights with CRM Emarketing Integration

Now you can swap those static web site lead capture form for interactive capturing of data directly into your CRM system. Capturing more leads and gaining valuable information qickly are benefits of the eMarketing integration with a contact management or CRM system. eMarketing is 

Get updated automaticallly eNews signupeffective in a lead generation strategy when valuable content is provided. For example, your web site would have a call to action that allows the reader to download a white paper that relates to the benefits of your offering.

You'll capture an email address and contact information of an interested prospect. Then it can automatically push hot leads to sales fast.  

Capturing Leads with Integrated Web Forms

Streamline the lead generation process by capturing information directly into your CRM system.

  • Ask one or more sales qualifying questions
  • Easy to setup. Eliminate the need of help of an expert to build web lead-capture forms for your website
  • Will email you an alert message when you receive a fresh lead (ACT!)
  • Sends the recipient an instant auto-responder email, acknowledging their submission
  • Starts the prospect on a drip marketing campaign to nurture the lead until a sales rep follows up or they convert to a sale


Easily Launch a Drip Marketing Campaign to Interested Leads

  • Eliminate followup failure
  • New leads are added to a dynamic group in the CRM system as a HOT LEAD so sales people can follow up ASAP
  • Stay 'Top of Mind' by providing educational materials to your readers helping them through their buyer's journey
  • Increase sales effectiveness by knowing your most interested contacts...

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