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Start identifying your top customers and the people you want to develop stronger relationship with.

1. Increasing Top Line Revenue

Increased lead flow, ensure lead quality, and prove program effectiveness will achieve effective and short term ROI. With the implementation of an eMarketing system like Swiftpage helps align the efforts of your marketing and sales teams manage a lead flow and process leads more efficiently.


2. Customer Retention

Help "Win Back" past customers. Maintaining an open line of communication,  staying Top of Mind, and recommending the right product the right customer for the right reason can deliver results that exceed customer expectations.  

3. Better Business Decisions

 Focusing on measurable electronic eMarketing with CRM integration makes your business work smarter.  The results from your eMarketing campaigns are easily found within your CRM system. This valuable information provides your team quality and focused next action steps. 


In Overview....

When upgrading your current ACT! CRM software or if you are purchasing ACT! for the first time, you have the option to obtain a Business Care Plan.  However, is the additional investment of $90-130 per license valuable to your company?

The additional benefits of adding the ACT! Business Care Plan are of high value for small to medium size businesses.

ACT! has recently included the Swiftpage eMarketing subscription to their Business Care Plans. Also included is the reassurance that you have the option to call technical support if you need help, staying on the most current version to ensure that your PC's operating system and Internet Browsers are supported, and not having an additional subscription investment when your company decides to take the next step to eMarketing can be costly down the road.

Download the ACT! Business Care Product Brief to view all the new benefits important to your business.


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