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Hey Wake Up! Your business needs automated alerts, Now...

What is happening in your business right now?

Has a new sales opportunity been won or lost from a key prospect?  Is there a growing lag in the resolution of customer service/support issues? Have your stock level thresholds been breached, has a large order just been placed or is a key client approaching the end of its credit line? The only way to answer these questions is to manually check your business software e.g. ERP, CRM but this is time consuming and reliant on employees.

TaskCentre removes the risk of relying on employees to monitor and report on potential issues by adding advanced business alerting capabilities to all your business applications.


Common email or SMS business alerts created by our CRM Clients include:


  • Lagging resolution of customer service issues to service manager and account representative
  • New service/support issues for a quality ranked customer
  • New sales opportunities to targeted prospects that are outside defined thresholds
  • A new competitor in the market place disovered while managing sales opportunities
  • Lagging sales opportunities with missing progress to the next stage or missed estimated close date
  • New conversions of a prospect to a customer for accounting to setup
  • Missing quota metrics on sales performance
  • Stock Level Alerts
  • Support Team Updates
  • Credit Limit Notifications
  • Unauthorized Discount Notifications
  • Customer Account Status Updates
  • Incomplete Record Alerts

What are the commercial benefits of adding Advanced Business Alerts to all your business applications?

  • Identify potential issues before they become a problem
  • Remove company reliance on employees to spot commercial issues
  • Monitor and enforce best practices
  • Ensure the consistency and frequency of communications with customers, suppliers and other important stakeholders
  • Improve employee performance
  • Enhance the quality of customer enagement.


Alerting software protecting your business from financial and competitive risk

By adding real-time advanced business alerting capabilities to all your business applications you reduce company exposure to financial risk and enhance employee performance. Why waste your day monitoring critical data when you can make it come to you?

Orbis Software with TaskCentre and partners like ourselves have collaborated to deliver the drag and drop functionality you need to quickly and simply add advanced business alerting capabilities to your business applications.TaskCentre_Business_Process_Management_Suite

The Problem:

Business applications hold a wealth of critical information yet organizations still rely on employees to manually monitor and react to data changes. This manual approach is prone to errors and is an inefficient use of employee time.

The Solution:

TaskCentre enables you to add advanced business alerting capabilities to all your business applications. This reduces your exposure to financial risk and improves company performance.

Real-time business alerts that meet your needs:

Having the right information at the right time can often be the difference between success and failure. Yet despite investment in business management software organizations still rely on staff to monitor and react to data changes within business applications e.g. stock levels 

TaskCentre can dynamically monitor all your applications for key data (to your business rules) and send email or SMS business alerts to both internal and external recipients when required.

Advanced business alerts

Automatically sending a business alert to an employee, customer or supplier can be of huge benefit. But what if that business alert is ignored by the recipient or the recipient needs some accompanying information to react accordingly?

TaskCentre’s advanced business alerts facilitate multi-recipient, escalation capabilities and the dynamic creation and attachment of accompanying information e.g. service issues or opportunity management reports. This completely removes the need for employees to monitor business applications, eradicates risk and enhances the performance of the business

Triggering more sophisticated business processes

Receiving a business alert can often represent the beginning of a more complex business process. For example, a business alert asking for the review of a customer credit line may result in an account manager being asked to make a telephone call to the client

TaskCentre can automate the next step within a given process e.g. set a CRM activity for an account manager therefore enforcing best practice and reducing manual administration.

Alerting Software made easy

Discover why adding Alerting Software to your business applications will save your organization time and money.  Read more about BPM - business process management.

Give Dick a phone call (269-445-3001) to discuss the potential business impact changes you want and need to make.

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