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Eliminate Typing - Turn Speech into Text Quickly with ACT!

Use ACT! v16 Mobile and Google Chrome to translate "Speech into Text" 

ACT!'s newest release, (2014)v16 demonstrates it's powerful compatibility with Google Chrome, making recording information effortless! ACT! for Mobile users have the upper hand on other comparable CRM system.  This year's newest release of ACT! v16 has proven to be their best product release yet. With the support of Google Chrome browser you can do more.

For example, if you own a Google or Android smart phone/tablet, you've become accustomed to using the voice command "speech to text" on a daily basis to get things done more effectively.

Now you can take advantage of the Google Chrome "Speech to Text" feature to the next level with your ACT! CRM system.


speach to text your notes in ACT

Always on the go right? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could complete an Activity without typing in all the valuable information you've gathered during your recent meeting or phone call?

With ACT!'s new Premium Mobile version, you can use the "speech to text" Google feature to enter your notes.

Touch the field you want to enter data too, select the microphone icon on your keyboard, and start recording!

Below are screen shots from my Galaxy Tablet:

Using the voice to text feature

This is no joke! For years we have needed our Mobile CRM to have the capability of speaking our comments and automatically recording it to your notes.

Once you have completed entering your data via voice, click "Save" icon at the top right of your screen.

Note: The voice recognition quality is dependent on the mobile device used to capture the spoken word. Technical specifications are not captured. Using your normal speeking voice and common conversation works fine.

Turning your "Speech to Text" feature is also available in Saleslogix Mobile 3.0 and Saleslogix Web 8.1, using Chrome.  Look for our upcoming blog next week!


What other ways can "speech to text" feature increase your productivity?

Share with others about your experience!


Learn more on how to increase your productivity with Mobile CRM:

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