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Data protection, Red flag issues, Critical Mistakes with CRM, Act!

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2 Solutions to Prevent Business Disaster from Poor ACT! Setup

Protecting Your ACT! Data with Actionable Next Steps:

You've taken the precaution of backing up your PC's information to the "Cloud" right? But are you really able to restore all of your essential data if your system crashes?


People have a false sense of security when they assume that their ACT! data is being backed up to the Cloud if you are not using the ACT! Scheduler to create daily backups of your database.

Do you think your database is restorable if the automatic ACT! Backup service is not running? Unfortunately, No.


Backup Issue #1

When needing to restore from a backup because you have a new server you access your Carbonite cloud backup and upload the database files.  What happens when you try to open the database....do you receive errors?  When Carbonite or other cloud backup software runs it is normally copying the "Running" SQL database. This backup process makes the ACT! database and related sub files unusable when a restore is tried.

Prevention Steps:

  • Your ACT! software comes with an internal backup system that you can set to backup your SQL database at specific day and time. When this service runs it create a complete, restorable .zip file.
  • When setting up this service you can choose where you want your ACT! backups to be stored. 

Recommendations: Create a new file folder under your C:/ (Example:"ACT Backup") drive with full Read/Write permissions. You change the location because ACT!'s default is set to backup under your PC's user's Documents folder, that may be hard to access later if damage is done to that users profile!
  • For more detailed steps on how to set up your ACT! Scheduler follow the KB Article: 19218

Now when the Carbonite or other Cloud backup software runs, it will copy the usable .zip file from the previously created C:\ACT Backup folder, for restoring if later needed.


Tip: In the release of ACT! v16, the ACT! Scheduler can also send you an email notification automatically if this service encounters an error or did not back up your database successfully.



Restore Issue #2

When your PC or Server crashes, your IT person creates a backup image and restores your system.  You try accessing your ACT! database but receive the error, "ACT! can not find supplemental database files".

Prevention Steps:

Informing your IT person on these simple steps can save days to weeks of time to replace missing data!

  • Locate the file path of where your ACT! database is located. Check the permissions of ALL file folders to show:
    • Folders are "Shared"
    • Users have "Read/Write" permissions to the folders.
    • Folders are not Read Only, Hidden or Archived
  • For more detailed steps - follow the KB Article: 19876


These prevention steps can prevent costly IT fees and loss of valuable data!  Your time acquiring the valuable information in you ACT! database is worth double checking your current network environment backup system.

Work smarter - complete these simple actionable steps TODAY!


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