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Shortcuts and Productivity Tips Working Inside Infor CRM

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#1 - Increase Sales Productivity with Contour Geocode Mapping

Maps and Driving Directions
Let's say you are a field sales professional that is out of the office visiting a prospect.  You find that you have some time on your hands while visiting the Chicagoland area.  It would be very helpful to use your mobile phone or tablet to check options from your Infor CRM system.

The following is an image from Infor Mobile client and it is using a current location with option to show a type of account like Customer with a listing of those nearby.  Once an account type is chosen the list of accounts nearest you are shown.  In this case from 1.5 miles out to about 15 miles away.Minute Solutions to Your Most Common Infor CRM Issues

Every day brings us new challenges in our jobs, but we don't need our Infor CRM system to be one of them. We 'Just need it to work'!  Click to Learn More...

#2 - Effective Use of Infor CRM Address Book Inside of Outlook

Each Infor CRM user can enhance their use of Microsoft Outlook Address book contacts when linking to the Infor CRM contacts.  This article covers using the Address book, scheduling an appointment and some recent enhancements. For more visit, What's new with Infor CRM, mobile and Xbar in 2017.

Using Infor CRM Address Book in Outlook

One of the capabilities of the Infor Xbar implementation is the use of the Infor CRM address book.  This is configured by clicking on Options gear icon under the Infor CRM Connector options panel from the Outlook menu bar. Click to Learn More

#3 - 12 Tips to be more Effective Using Infor CRM - Filters to Rescue

Today let's look at Filters which is a rather unique feature only of Infor CRM and which works hand in hand with Groups.  Filters are used to group records and be used to filter records in list views and to configure Dashboard widgets.  Use filters to narrow the list of records you want to view from any given group like My Accounts or My Open Opportunities.

Scenario: You want a quick summary of your open opportunities that are larger deals that are expected to close in the next 3 months.First, pick the group of "My Open Opportunities".  Next select the filter for the months you want to consider.  Clicking multiple checkboxes from the "Estimated Close" filter will show any records for the selected months.  It looks like there are 2 in February, 3 in March and 4 in April that applies so far. Click to Learn More... 

#4 - Living in Outlook and Being Productive with CRM

This article focuses on the person who lives mostly in Microsoft Outlook and is productive there, but who's life is enhanced with the easy access to related company and contact insights, manages sales opportunities or handles service and support tickets.Let's face it a large amount of workers time is still spent in Outlook. Wouldn't it be helpful if you could turn this unstructured email information into defined tasks, opportunities, accounts, new contacts, and more?  Likewise you have some new information from the email such as a mobile phone number or contact's title. Wouldn't it be sweet if you can easily take that information and update the contact directly and quickly - without opening up and finding the contact in your CRM?  These actions and much more has been possible for more than a year+ using the free Infor CRM Xbar.The Infor Xbar for Outlook brings CRM into their Inbox, enabling them to view, update and create CRM data without leaving Outlook, making it much easier for users to be productive without the need to duplicate effort or constantly switch between systems. Click to Learn More...

#5 - Effective Use for Managing Activities

Learn how to create more "valuable" scheduled activities and then process through lists of scheduled work that is most important....Activities include placing phone calls, attending meetings and completing to-dos such as sending correspondence or preparing presentations.

Activities are generally scheduled for a specific time. Timeless activities are scheduled to occur on a selected day, but at no particular time. When you schedule an activity, it displays on the Calendar and Activities view, and in the Activities tabs on some detail views. Completed activities become history items. When you schedule a timeless activity, you can set the activity to automatically roll over to the next day once it is past due. If you have more than 20 rollover activities, a progress bar may display when you log in. Click to Learn More... 

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