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1 Minute Solutions to Your Most Common Infor CRM Issues

Every day brings us new challenges in our jobs, but we don't need our Infor CRM system to be one of them. We 'Just need it to work'!the-hulk-1.jpg

I know that's what you are thinking - loudly- in your head. Your in the Infor CRM system every day, updating records, looking up key information about a contact, analyzing and segmenting data, but when that moment comes that stops you from getting this information... Ugh!

These common issues, error messages or incorrect data displaying are a HUGE part of CRM user frustrations. This quickly leads to a high cost for companies over a short amount of time without preventive user awareness.

Top 3 Roadblocks to Easily Avoid:

  1. Loss of user adoption - repeat issues cause lack of confidence in CRM system.
  2. Decrease in productivity when trying to obtain critical information for analysis to make decisions.
  3. No access to critical data - User issues with logging into Infor CRM system or viewing 'old' data.

5 Quick Tips to Ensure Your Infor CRM 'Just Works'

Issue: You receive an error when attempting to log into Infor CRM.  


You can also receive this error when clicking on a blue hyper-link to drill into data.

Tip #1: 
  • Click on your saved Infor CRM bookmark.
  • Look at the Internet Browser URL for the login screen. Do you have characters after /slxclient/?
  • If yes, your saved URL bookmark is taking you to an old 'cached' page of data.

  • Be sure to right click on the saved URL>properties>remove any data after the /slxclient/.

  • Save the bookmark and exit out of your browser.


Issue: Is your 'list view' of data missing records? 

Tip #2:  

  • Clear your filters on the right main panel.  

  • Infor CRM remembers what filters where previously checked for each group, even if you have logged out  and logged back into the system.


Tip #3:

Set up your Internet Browser with the recommended configuration settings BEFORE you log into your Infor CRM sytem for the first time. Don't forget to have your Internet Browser:

  • Clear Cache Upon Exit

  • Don't Remember History


Tip #4: 

Shut Down and restart your PC once a week.  This allows your PC to apply any network updates and refreshes your system to maximize system performance.  



Have you updated your Infor CRM password? Don't forget to update your Internet Browser's memorized passwords. Otherwise risk locking yourself out of Infor when attempting to login too many times!


What other frustrations with Infor CRM do you experience and need a quick resolution for?


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