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Each Infor CRM user can enhance their use of Microsoft Outlook Address book contacts when linking to the Infor CRM contacts.  This article covers using the Address book, scheduling an appointment and some recent enhancements.  For more visit, What's new with Infor CRM, mobile and Xbar in 2017.

Using Infor CRM Address Book in Outlook

One of the capabilities of the Infor Xbar implementation is the use of the Infor CRM address book.  This is Infox Xbar Outlook Options.pngconfigured by clicking on Options gear icon under the Infor CRM Connector options panel from the Outlook menu bar.

Then from the Address tab the user can determine how to show contact names- either by first name or last name order.  Next select what do you want to show when the Address book is accessed in Outlook.  In the following example, it is set to show the Infor CRM Groups as separate folders and Show Accounts as Distribution lists.  

For a salesperson, you'd  want to show Leads and maybe show opportunities as distribution lists.  For a CSR in customer support the "Show Tickets" would be helpful.  Optionally you can have the address book also display the CRM users.

 Infor CRM connector-address book options.png

 If changes are made this message will be displayed.

Infor CRM Connector-Address book option changes.png

Now when you are in Outlook and want to select names from the contacts saved within Infor CRM, it is just a click away.

Using Infor CRM Address Book inside Microsoft Outlook

The following is showing both Address distribution lists and Infor CRM Contact groups that can be used. The system can be configured to show a group such as "Active Contacts" from Infor CRM.  To make a configuration change follow the steps above and restart Outlook.

 Infor CRM Address book selection from Outlook.png



When scheduling activities, you can easily link Accounts and Contacts to the activity....


Linking Account and Contact to Activity.png

Drag-and-Drop Emails from Outlook to Infor CRM Web

Setting Infor CRM Advanced Options

Use the Advanced tab to enable the ability to drag and drop from Microsoft Outlook to the Infor CRM Web Client. Once you select this option you will be able to drag and drop e-mail history records to the Infor CRM Web Client in a non-Internet Explorer browser.


New XBar Options - Enable Drag and Drop.png


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