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What's new with Infor CRM, mobile and Xbar for 2017

The main Infor CRM software product has new updates every two months and here are the latest updates for 2017 as of March with Update 06. Also released where updates to the Infor mobile client and the Microsoft Outlook Integration and Infor Xbar panel.

View "What's new and useful in version 8.3" here

View "What has changes in version 8.2"

Highlights include performance improvements such as the new Favorites for groups and in exporting lists of records. There are updates to Xbar with Outlook Integration, including drag and drop functionality for all browsers and not just Microsoft IE. Finally, with every release Infor corrects open issues and defects from prior versions.

Infor CRM web client update 05 and 06:

Infor CRM web client Version contains the following updates:

  • The ability to look for potential matching records when adding a new record
  • When moving a contact, there is a new option to assign all items to the same contact
  • Showing groups has been replaced by group Favorites. Favorites allow you to determine groups you want to display as tabs on list and detail views.  Your administrator determines the maximum number of tabs that can display.  All standard groups will be marked as Favorites by default.
    • Newly created groups are automatically marked as Favorites.  Favorites display as tabs in alphabetical order up to the limit allowed.  You can use the Groups list to manage your Favorites.



  • Export to File and Export to Excel have been combined and renamed Export in Common Tasks and Menu-Common-task-export-Infor-CRM.pngfrom the right-click menu.
    • Changes to Export to improve performance, including a limit to the number of records to be exported and the ability to turn off exporting pivot tables to Microsoft Excel.  These options are set by your adminiistrator.
    • This limit does not apply to any other features that support the selection of multiple records, only export.
    • Significant performance exporting improvementsExport Menu Infor CRM.png


  • Sales Intelligence includes the ability to view the likelihood that a contact or account will make a purchase and provides a Recommendations tab that recommends product the contact or account is likely to purchase in the next 30 days.
  • Infor CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) configurator now support the promotion of Sales Order when products are integrated with the ERP-LN.
  • Updates for administrators with the appropriate role access for configuring Sales Intelligence, Exporting, and Group Favorites.
  • Web client login form is Version

Version Included:

  • Completed meetings now display contact and account information on the Calendar
  • Significantly faster (3 - 5 x) Mobile and Xbar performance accessing data becase of improvements in sdata portal.

Version included:

  • Contour Proximity Search includes the ability to:
    • View one or more contact or accounts on a map
    • Show other nearby contacts or accounts
    • Perform an account or contact search
    • Views a list of places that can be added to a map of contact or accounts
    • Add, edit, or share places [your offices, meeting locations, hotels, restaurants]


Use this public URL to view the latest updated list:



Xbar 1.3.4 and Outlook Integration

Reminder:  The Outlook Integration features are now installed with the Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook.

XBar provides:

  • Access key contact information, activities and opporunities in Infor CRM from Outlook e-mail correspondence or calendar activities.
  • Create new contacts, accounts, and opportunities by dragging and dropping existing information from e-mail in the Xbar interface (panel).
  • Make changes to contact, calendar, and integration history in Xbar that automatically updates within Infor CRM. For more information refer to the Help ? icon.  Or click the Global options icon.pngicon to open the Global menu and access the help file.

Outlook Integration provides:

  • Record email messages to history.
  • Integrated with the Microsoft Outlook Address Book.
  • Drag and Drop E-mail from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Send an Infor CRM contact's information in a vCard format via e-mail
  • Attach documents from Infor CRM Library to a message in Outlook
  • Use the Outlook Synchronization to allow you to synchronize contacts & calendar.

The Infor CRM tools menu bar now includes New Note icon to quickly add a new note and Xbar Panel icon to show/hide the Xbar panel, shown on right side of Outlook


New items under Options:

Connection tab:

Note the Connect the Go To button to section that allow each user to define if the Windows client or Web client is used when pressed  Goto-button-Outlook-Xbar.png is pressed.

Tip:  The server URL typically ends with /sdata  and the Infor CRM web client URL ends with /slxclient.




New Xbar Side Panel tabThis tab is shown when Xbar is installed.

  • The cards for Members listed on an email selected in Microsoft Outlook are filterd in Xbar by All, From, and To.  Expand the Default email filter options to select which filter group you want to see first. The other filter groups are accessible at any time by clicking All in the upper right corner of the Xbar pane.
  • Use the Members to display box to limit the number of Member cards that show when you first click on an email. The maximum is 20 because displaying a large number of Members cards will slow down performance.
  • Use the Members "Load More" adds to specify how many more Member cards to add each time you click Load More. The maximum is 20.
  • Expand the Opportunity Group options to select the default group that appears when you click the Opportunity totem in the Member card. 
    • The following default fields are required to enable the Opportunty Groups to display correctly - AddToForecast, Description, EstimatedClose, SalesPotential, CloseProbability, Stage.  Add these fields to your group using the Infor CRM web client
  • Expand the Ticket Group options to select the default group that appears when you click the Ticket Totem in a Member Card.
    • The following default fields are required to enable the Ticket Groups to display correctly- TicketNumber, Subject, UrgencyDescription, NeededByDAte.  Add these fields to your group using the Infor CRM Web client.
  • Select the Preload All Associated Records check box to improve Xbar response time by delaying loading records until they are needed.  When this check box is selected, the expand arrow is replaced by a plus icon on the summary view for any applicable entity.


Example of Xbar member cards using only "To" contacts and showing that 28 other participants received the email.

Xbar-member cards.png


New Advanced tab:


Setting Infor CRM Advanced Options

Use the Advanced tab to enable the ability to drag and drop from Microsoft Outlook to the Infor CRM Web Client. Once you select this option you will be able to drag and drop e-mail history records to the Infor CRM Web Client in a non-Internet Explorer browser.


  • This option is for Infor CRM Web Client users only.  Drag and drop is already available for all Infor CRM Windows users.
  • Dragging and dropping from Microsoft Outlook to the Infor CRM Web client in a non-Internet Explorer browser is only supported for Infor CRM version or later.
  • If you do not select this option, dragging and dropping an e-mail record to the Infor CRM Web Client in a non-Internet Explorer browser will not work.  You will not be notified that the records was not recorded to history.

Logging tab

While this tab is not new it is very helpful if you suspect errors.  By turning on logging, data is written to a users folder that can be used for troubleshooting


About ICRM Connector tab:

Use this information for troubleshooting the various versions of Connector, Outlook, Windows, Desktop Manager and logging path

Infor CRM Outlook Connector v134.png

Mobile v3.6

Mobile v36 login.png

Field Level Security:

Settings made in Infor CRM Web Administrator for the Web client will now cascade into the Mobile client if your version of Infor CRM is 8.3.05 or higher.

Mobile now have a 24 hour clock.  Settings enable the user to manually change between 12 and 24-hour clocks.  The default setting is specified by regional settings.

Settings contains two new offline options: user can clear their Briefcase and clear Recently Viewed records as well a clearing all records and showing record usage.

Mobile Version 3.5 provided:

  • Users can look up Contacts based on the Accounts to which they are associated.
  • The new Contour feature enables searching the Infor CRM database for other accounts that are in a specific geographical proximity.


Working offline

Three features allow read-only access to select records and entities when your Mobile Client is offline or loses connectivity.

  1. Recently Viewed shows any detail views visited, so they are available if connectivity is lost. Recently Viewed is available on the Global Menu.
  2. My Briefcase allows you to select records to be available when offline. To add items to My Briefcase, in the detail view, open a record, and then click the briefcase icon located in the header bar. All related data for that record is also moved to the Briefcase. When you open a record from the My Briefcase view, the header bar is gray because the Briefcase is always in offline mode.
  3. My Schedule shows today's activities. My Schedule is available on the Global Menu. You can move all activities in the My Schedule list view into My Briefcase. To do this, open the My Schedule list view  and click the briefcase icon located in the header bar.

Note: Working Offline is not supported on Windows Phone 8.


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