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Updates for Infor CRM version 8.2 to implement

Continued Improvement with more power to users

Since the Spring 2014 purchase of Saleslogix 8.1 by Infor, there have been 6 updates and now version 8.2 is soon to be released which focuses around the improvement of a Purpose Built CRM Application.  "Beauty at work" is not just a saying, but is coming to life with the continual improvements of Infor CRM.  

Additionally there are improvements that lower the Total Cost of Ownership and increase the value of the out-of-box Infor CRM solution. More easily create a CRM environment that you can control and configure without having to pay a ton of money on customizations.

Summary of what has changed in Infor CRM 8.2:

  • Enriched User Interface and behaviors with adjusted text boxes, grids, navigation menu and personalization options.
  • New import tools for contacts and accounts using CSV, Outlook, and other delimited file formats with configurable field mapping.
  • New filters and new metrics via Web Admin roles.
  • Developments with Group Manager allowing you to share groups and group ownership, delete groups, and reassign groups.



Get more screen real estate with collapse navigation pane

  • The left side menu panel has ability to collapsed for increased usable space.
  • It can be returned using the 3 line configure icon and then pinned if you want it to operate like prior versions.

 Example with option to pin left navigation panel or keep hidden but available.



Import Your Contacts and Accounts:

  • You can easily import contacts and accounts using CSV, Outlook, and other delimited file formats.
  • The new import tool provides a number of configurable file options, including field mapping for the user interface.
  • Wizard driven, similar to the current Lead Import Wizard


Filter Manager:

  • Allows users to create new filters and metrics from Web Admin thus reducing customization hassles (using Application Architect)
  • Found under Administrator tab:
    • Create a filter from "Filters" tab
    • Create a metric from "Metrics" tab



Group Manager:

  • Allows users to manage groups via Web Admin role and allow access to: Group sharing, Group Ownership, Deleting Groups and Reassigning groups



Self-Service Password Request and Username Request:

  • If a user forgets their username or password, self-service feature has been added for easy accessibility for getting into Infor CRM


View Infor CRM Webinar on what's new in 8.2, here. 

Compatibility Checklist (05/2015)


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