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Creatio vs. Infor: Which is the wisest investment for you?

Comparison of Creatio and Infor CRM

When it’s time to choose a new technology for your business, you compare several options, right? Otherwise, how do you make a wise decision about which one to invest in?

As CRM consultants, we work with both Creatio CRM and Infor CRM. Have you ever wondered how they are different and why one might be more suitable for your business than the other? This side-by-side comparison might help. Click the link at the end if you want to watch a webinar that goes into more detail.

Lead Management

Infor can connect to an existing account or create a new one right from the leads page with no duplication of effort. The steps to be taken can be set up like a checklist. This is not dynamic management, though. The Infor leads process cannot produce predictive scores right off the shelf; you must add on a different module for that.

Creatio CRM features a progress bar that shows at a glance where each lead is in the process. Right out of the box, the solution does predict the likelihood of conversion based on data. It’s also configurable because of its low-code platform, so a business can add metrics to be used in the prediction, without a developer. Once a lead is qualified, the system automatically guides the user through next steps in the process.

Opportunity Management

This section in Creatio is uncluttered and focuses the user on just a few main areas. It also has a progress bar and shows how many days the lead has been in the funnel and in the current stage, revealing problem areas where action is needed The page also shows tasks relevant to the specific stage in the sales process for each customer providing guidance to users. Key metrics are used to show the confidence level that the opportunity will close and to predict its value. Also, this page syncs with the website for real-time discounts that might be available.

Infor’s opportunities management assesses sales potential in dollars based on products sold and those the customer has shown interest in. The sales process here is not a true workflow but rather a checklist like the leads page; you assign tasks and mark them when done. Like Creatio, it calculates the expected time to close and sends an alert when it is taking longer. The opportunities page includes an abundance of information on when you can expect to close, status, and what products are involved, but it requires a lot of scrolling to find what you are looking for.

Both products have a space to track decision-makers’ personas; their roles, influence, preferences, personal benefit, and a strategy for working with them.

Process Management

The only true process management that happens in Infor is in contact processes, and that requires a separate module. There is no such system-wide engine inside the product. Therefore, reminders can’t be automated unless they’re related to contact processes. Also, Infor really works best if you are a manufacturer using Infor ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

In contrast, Creatio is designed to manage diverse processes in many different industries out of the box. There are no limits to the number of processes or instances of them that can run at the same time. It comes with a process library that gets deployed with each instance of Creatio use. Users can create diagrams of flowcharts and modify steps of the process—drag and drop, on the fly. After all, business process management is the core of the application that also has CRM superpowers. Creatio’s goal is to make it easier for organizations to adapt to new business realities fast.

Pricing and Configuration

Infor requires a different tool to handle development. You’ll need it, for instance, to modify pick lists and fields. The contact processes module does have its own screen design editor.

Infor’s base cloud subscription is $72 per month per user. But then you’ll need add-ons. That workflow module we mentioned earlier? It’s $50,000 to $100,000. Yes, you read that right. If that takes your breath away, the webinar presenter says, consider that it doesn’t sound like so much to an Infor ERP customer who has probably already spent $1 million. And that’s their primary market, a manufacturing company looking for a complete Infor suite.

Creatio’s low-code platform makes all parts of the solution highly configurable with minimum attention from IT developers at no additional cost.

Creatio’s pricing model is straightforward. There are a few additional modules that can be purchased, but they are not necessary for a fully functional CRM and process management tool. The base cloud subscription is $50 per month per user for Sales Enterprise Creatio.

Making the Best Decision

Achieving your business goals requires knowledge-based decisions. Do you still have questions about these two solutions? Or did this comparison raise new ones in your mind? We know both inside out, and we’re only an email or a phone call away. Contact us today to dig deeper.

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And here’s that link to the Creatio vs. Infor webinar.


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