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Deepen relationships - how is your business doing?

Current circumstances are requiring all of us to make drastic adjustments in our lives and business. Like you, our first priority is, of course, the health and safety of ourselves and loved ones while doing the necessary distancing to hopefully slow the spread of infection. The resulting impact on individual businesses and our economy can’t be denied.

How can we help?


Please don’t hesitate to contact Julie or myself if you need any help.  We are here to listen and learn more about your new business and professional life.  Maybe there are ways to deepen those personal connections between employees, customers and strategic partner.  

Or specifically it may relate to  adapting your CRM for re-connecting those often forgotten relationships, tweaking email communications, or great other business processes for work-from-home scenarios.

We are always available for virtual assistance, including remote conferencing and screen sharing. Additionally, you can access a large amount of existing digital content. Support that’s available at your fingertips, by email or phone call: 269-445-3001..

That CRM system you have was build to help businesses attract ideal prospects, retain loyal clients, and grow long-term relationships.  Let's get it to perform.

"Make sure that those 'Ideas whose time has come', get launched today"

CRM Ideas whos time has come

Use social distancing time to learn, plan and act

First, we all bear the responsibility to keep ourselves informed on the disease and current guidelines and measure for limiting its transmission and treatment. These CDC sites are reliable:

We all want to come out of this crisis strong, even if we don’t know how long it will take. One way to do that is to use this pause to sharpen skills and make plans.

Deepening knowledge is good use of this necessary down time. Online as well as print learning resources abound. We highly recommend the following educational resources for growth-focused entrepreneurs or even if you just want to hone your understanding of the world around you:


Specific CRM educational updates:

Are you already using or considering Creatio CRM? 

  • Creatio – the most agile CRM platform to accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations.

Are you already using or considering Infor CRM? 

Are you already using or considering ACT?

Act! is a leader in the Small-Midsize Business CRM market that Swiftpage has continuously adapted to keep pace with technology innovations and changing needs of small and mid-sized businesses. This latest version delivers increased flexibility, marketing automation support, and depth of insight. Here’s a peek at what it’s got.

We are all in this together. Let us know how we can help.

Be safe and stay strong,


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