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Infor CRM Xbar 1.4 for Microsoft Outlook

Infor CloudSuite CRM Xbar version 1.4.0

In December 2019 the latest Infor Xbar 1.4 was released.

Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook is an add-in to Infor CRM that seamlessly embeds the functionality of CRM into Microsoft® Outlook® 2013 or newer versions. Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook enables you to access your most important CRM information and functionality through an intuitive, context-aware window that is “docked” within the Microsoft Outlook interface.

You can access a wide range of information and activities, including interaction history, follow-up action items, leads generated from e-marketing campaigns, and opportunity management. Work with and modify the CRM information, taking actions and updating the information as necessary, all from within Microsoft Outlook and without losing sight of your Microsoft Outlook inbox.

Using Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook, you can:

  • Access a contact in Microsoft Outlook® by opening e-mail correspondence or calendar activities. The Xbar pane instantly displays key information, activities, and opportunities stored in CRM for that contact.
  • Create entirely new contacts, accounts and opportunities, often by quickly and conveniently dragging and dropping existing information from e-mail into the Xbar interface.
  • Make changes to contact, calendar and interaction history in the Xbar that automatically update within CRM in real-time, ensuring other team members can immediately see and access the updated information.
  • Use Infor CRM Outlook Sync to synchronize Contacts and Calendar between Infor CRM and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Use the Infor CRM Outlook Integration features:
  • Send to CRM and Record to History
  • Outlook Synchronization of contacts and activities
  • Infor CRM Address Book
  • Drag and Drop E-mail from Microsoft Outlook
  • Send an Infor CRM contact's information in a vCard file format via e-mail.
  • Attach documents from Infor CRM Library to a message in Microsoft Outlook.

Features Added

  • Prevents users from running Outlook Sync concurrently on separate boxes which may cause duplicate records and other undesirable behavior.  Example: the CRM user has a desktop and a laptop using the same Outlook integration with Infor CRM.
  • The new Select Record(s) dialog box combines the three previously separate Record(s) Not Found, Duplicate Record(s) Found, and Select Record(s) dialog boxes into a single location where users can identify which records to record an email message as a history item.
  • Users can now view if a contact or lead has selected any of the following options: Do not Solicit, Do not Email, Do not Call, Do not Mail, Do not Fax.

In your Outlook's Infor CRM panel, click on the Options, gear icon:

Infor Xbar options icon


Use the "When processing history records" configuration to determine how the Infor CRM 'Windows' Client will or will not be involved in updating history.  The last two options would not apply if the user does not have the Infor CRM Windows client software installed.


Infor  Xbar 1.4 Send to CRM and  Record to history options


Under the "About Infor CRM Connector" you'll find not only your current version but the version of Microsoft Outlook, Windows operating system, and Infor CRM client.

About Infor CRM Outlook Connector

Resolved issues

Infor CloudSuite CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook version 1.4 also contains defect fixes. See the document, Infor CloudSuite CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook Resolved Issues, for a list of resolved issues.  A few of the key resolved issues are:

  • When a user's password is changed, Xbar locks the user's account and generates thousands of logs per hour.
  • Completing recurring activities in Outlook results in all future occurrences being deleted.
  • If an email does not contain any Infor CRM contacts or leads when Record to History is selected, a message should display explaining that a history record was not saved.
  • If a follow-up activity created after completing an e-mail, is edited to change the leader, the original leader still shows for the original leader.
  • If an Infor CRM contact or lead has one or more "do not" contact options (do not solicit, do not email, do not call, or do not fax) there should be an icon and tool-tip listing those restrictions.
  • When recording an email to history, if the From field is empty, a blank email is attached to each contact or lead that does not have an email address.
  • Modifying a completed activity in Xbar should not synchronize the changes to Infor CRM.
  • Conditions when Unicode characters are in recipient name, CRM lead, or CRM contact name.

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