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Infor CRM mobile version 4.0 release - upgrading

Recently Infor has released the latest version, 4.0, of their popular Infor Mobile CRM product.  The release notes mention that this v4.0 mobile client is compatible with Infor CRM version:  8.4.0 or Multiple languages, ERP's and ION work flow is also supported.

What's New in this Release:

  • The Infor CRM Mobile client user interface can automatically re-arrange layout to accommodate screen size for a tablet or desktop.  This allows more information to be displayed in one view compared to a mobile device.  {I found this a helpful improvement}
  • Infor SOHO user interface designs are now applied to the Mobile client views, making them more consistent with the web look and feel.
  • Language and Regional Formats are now separated, enabling users to define each separately.  The Regional Formats drop down controls the dates, times, numbers, and the currency.
  • Users can now create notes while working in Offline mode.  The notes are synchronized to Infor CRM the next online session.
  • Multi-Regional Pick Lists: settings made in the Infor CRM web client will now cascade into the Mobile Client. This enables Mobile Client users to see the prefix and suffix displayed in the language selected in the Infor CRM Web client.
  • When viewing PDF file, users can now zoom in and out, and view multiple pages on all supported browsers.


New User Interface examples:

The main menu has been condensed with these simple options: The "Go To" allow for the selection of the types of data to view.  The "Other" options is for configuration such as what menu items to view under the "Go To" menu.

Infor Mobile 4.0 menu

The configurable menu that is showing all "GoTo" sub menu options. 

Expanded Go to menu Infor CRM mobil 4.0

Ability to change user interface themes:

SoHo Infor mobile themes

Account Summary view of cards and the common action items:

 Infor CRM Mobile 4.0 Account card and options


Note: There are some possible breaking changes in this release noted in the Release Notes PDF, accessible below.

Issues resolved in this release:

  • There are several UI changes that correct issues with specific foreign languages and browsers.
  • Many items are been corrected and become new updates as noted above.
  • Refer to the resolved issues PDF, accessible below.


Installation is rather straight forward using the Application Architect Portal Manager.  A few existing folders are deleted and the new 4.0 mobile bundle is installed.  An Infor Mobile web site can be back up and going is less than one hour.


If interested or want to learn more contact Dick: 269-445-3001

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