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The latest Infor CRM 8.4 enhancements 2018

Infor CRM 8.4 was released earlier this year as an incremental update and upgraded to a Unicode database.Infor CRM 8.4.0 logo

The original version from 2016 has had 10 updates applied over the last 2 years.

A complete list of updates are listed in the web help in version 8.4,  link here.   

So what is new in Infor CRM 8.4 and on the road map.....  Also check out the full range of videos and educational PDF's - add these into your Infor 8.4 Library folder and share with all your users.

Marketo Integration with sales insight

Gain the power and flexibility you need to engage prospects and customers at scale. Give Sales a clear picture of the hottest leads and the most valuable customers.

What's new Marketo:

  • Incorporated Sales Insights into Infor CRM Web Client at the record level.
    • Key moments of interest in customers' and prospects' behavior
    • Review of all related web activity
    • Web-activity scores
  • Two-way synchronization with Marketo for Contact and Leads
  • One-way synchronization from Infor CRM to Marketo for Accounts, Opportunities and Users


Marketo Core Functionality

10 things you should know about marketing automation PDF

Overview of Marketo - Infor CRM video (20 minutes)

Marketo Leads in Infor CRM

Infor CRM - Marketo brochure PDF


LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration

This capability leverages LinkedIn's powerful Sales Navigator tool-set directly within Infor CRM incorporating social details into customer profiles.

Infor CRM provides a free add-in to connect to LinkedIn's Sales Navigator.  View LinkedIn information where you're already tracking other sales activity and turn your records into rich profiles by seeing LinkedIn information directly in Infor CRM.

Inside the CRM widget, you'll be able to:

  • Uncover the best way to get introduced through TeamLink
  • Find new contacts directly from Recommended Leads
  • Get sales updates including news mentions and job changes when viewing CRM records.
  • View in detail views of:
    • Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Leads
    • Marketo Lead (new entity)


This required Sales Navigator Team Edition or above. 


CPQ - Configure-Price-Quote

Now have an integrated CRM/CPQ, front-end, Customer experience sales automation solution.

Infor CPQ - CRM Integration includes:

  • Deep, opportunity to Quote CRM/Enterprise Quoting integration
  • Seamless - User in an opportunity in CRM can drill directly into Enterprise Quoting, create Quote, and drill back into the CRM opportunity
  • Allows accelerated sales processing


Link to CRM-CPQ Video: 5 minutes

Infor CPQ-CRM Integration

Link to CPQ Enterprise Quoting.  7 minutes


What else is New in this Release?

Real-time Pricing and Availability for Opportunities - Get the most accurate pricing from ERP's in real-time when creating opportunities. As the opportunity progresses, move from estimates to accurate pipeline figures.

Multi-Regional Addresses - Show addresses in their proper formatted based on region. Better compatibility and adoption for international users and records.

Dated Exchange Rates - Update exchange rates as needed or on a regular basis without affecting all values in the system. Users can view the historical exchange rates and use the correct rate automatically as defined by the business.


Infor Birst - business analytics integration with Infor CRM

Infor is evaluating development options with an expected release this fall with CRM integration.

Birst is the leader in next-generation BI and analytics for the enterprise. Birst offers an end-to-end platform that delivers ETL/data preparation, operational reporting, visual data discovery, interactive dashboards, advanced analytics, and more.

Infor Birst AA in CRMBenefits of Analytics in CRM:

  • Get visibility into business performance and real business insights to make informed decisions and shape strategic priorities based on actionable analysis.
  • Get faster, more thorough analysis and complete, timely information.
  • Increase organizational and customer intelligence by analyzing CRM-related data from across your business.
  • Close deals faster using pipeline analysis so you know when and where to engage your most impactful resources.
  • Maximize sales performance with the ability to fully evaluate individual effectiveness through win/loss, ranking, forecasting, and pipeline analysis.
  • Direct profitable activity by knowing where to focus sales efforts based on historical performance of geography, industry, or lead source.
  • Calculate the return on your marketing investment by tracking campaign cost vs. response and revenue generated.
  • Understand revenue by lead source so you can invest marketing dollars where you have the most impact.
  • Exceed customer expectations with the ability to allocate personnel and expertise based on ticket activity trends.
  • Identify products or areas that generate the most tickets so you can take action to proactively resolve future issues.


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Enabling the best in mobility, engage the customer with a complete view at your fingertips incorporating back office data on your mobile device.

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Collection and aggregation of data enabled by the cloud, served up for consumption and decision-making.

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Accelerate the sales process with deeply integrated sales automation solution.

PDF documents:

Infor CRM product brochure 

Infor CRM - Marketo brochure

10 things you should know about marketing automation

Getting Started with Infor CRM Web Client

Infor CRM Quick Reference for the Web User

Infor CRM 8.4 Release Notes

Infor CRM 8.4 Implementation Guide 

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