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Act! Growth Suite Gets a Refresh Heading into the New Decade

The approach of 2020 is a good time for businesses to take stock of how ready they are to meet the challenges the new year – the new decade – will bring. It’s crucial to think about two things: what their people expect and what the competition is doing to meet those expectations.

Customers and employees expect the kinds of experiences that require responsive, up-to-date technology. The competition is meeting that expectation. Keeping systems current has never been more important.

That’s why we want to make sure our clients know about the changes Swiftpage just announced to Act! Growth Suite. Act! is a leader in the SMB CRM market that Swiftpage has continuously adapted to keep pace with technology innovations and changing needs of small and midsized businesses. This latest version delivers increased flexibility, marketing automation support, and depth of insight.

Here’s a peek at what it’s got:

A highly customizable user console. This update takes the Act! dashboard to a whole new level of individualization possibilities. Each user will be able to see pertinent real-time information, a bird’s-eye view if you will, about their customers, what deals are likely to close this month, or whatever else is most relevant to them. This customization is easier than ever to achieve, too.

Marketing automation turnkey campaigns. This Act! Growth Suite refresh gives any business the power to take their marketing to the next level without a big budget or marketing expertise. For starters, you’ll get over 170 mobile-responsive templates with which to design a professional-grade campaign, so you don’t have to start from scratch. In addition – and this is huge -- Swiftpage has come to the rescue of businesses that have struggled to plan and create each message of a nurture campaign and then actually follow through on getting them all sent out in a timely fashion. The new Act! automates it for you with out-of-the-box workflows, using proven best practices for marketing success.

Rich data visibility. No business owner can make good decisions or develop the business without insights into customer behavior, internal process effectiveness, and industry trends. The newest version of Act! allows customization of data reporting beyond what’s been possible before, with custom charts and the ability to drill down to details of individual customers and opportunities.

New plans and pricing. Flexibility rules here, too, with Act! pricing options offering an even greater range of affordable options to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether your business is just getting started with CRM or needs increasing sophistication in marketing automation and other CRM functionality, you can tailor a plan to fit. See Act! Growth Suite plans and pricing here.

Find a complete list of what’s new in Act! Growth Suite here.

Will your CRM meet your people’s expectations in 2020 and help you stay competitive? Whether Act! is new to you, or you are already a user and need an update, we’re here to help you choose and implement a CRM system that fits your needs. Contact Julie for more information.

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