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History Overload - ACT Growth Suite  to the Rescue

ACT-Contact-LookupSo you have been successfully building relationships with a contact and now have years of completed activities in history to sort through. 

You do a quick search with the ACT Contact lookup form and type the first name and just part of the last name.

Of course you could have just entered the first name of Chris and ACT Growth Suite would have shown all contact with that name.

Or you could have looked up by Company first and selected the contact record.

So now Chris has her contact details pop up in front of you where you can quickly scan the most relevant information specific to your company.


You click the "History" tab and receive a listing of all the completed activities and history details of the business relationship.  She is not only one of your "A-List" customers but also a friend in your community.


You know there were some communications you had over a completed project about a year ago but you don't want to scan possibly 100's of history records! 

ACT-History-Date-FilterACT Growth Suite comes to the rescue with the ability to filter history by dates, by types of activities and/or by who was involved in the conversations.

You can filter your history records by easily picking from a list of drop down options.



 Additionally a filter can be applied based on the types of history records.

-- Appointments

-- Phone Calls

-- Meetings

-- Attached files, or

-- any of your custom defined activity types available in ACT Growth Suite


Each activity type has other sub options, so maybe you only want to find those phone calls that were completed. 

You click only meetings and filter for those within the last year and WOW, there it is!


Several other History Filtering options are available:



If you are using the full power of Sales Opportunity management, then you can filter for opportunity activity records.

Since you are interested in a completed project from work of a sales opportunity that was won, then only check "Opportunity Won".


If you wish to only filter by the ACT user who created the history records, that is possible.

You may have a concern of some recently changed contact information about Chris and wonder who had been involved.  ACT Growth Suite comes to the rescue.



Again the "System Changes" to the contact record are easily filtered using the Activity Types drop down list.

This option is only available if you are given administrative permissions.

If there are field changes important to your organization, ACT provides the ability to save and audit field changes to history. Contact us if you have questions.


As you build up the appreciating asset of knowledge about your customers within your  CRM system, you can be rest assured that those important conversations can be easily found!


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