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Are You Ready to Compete for Good Talent?

Is your business prepared to compete in the current war for talent?

We’ve all heard about, if not experienced firsthand, how hard it is to fill open positions right now. It’s become crystal clear that business success requires attracting and retaining quality employees. Providing meaningful, positive customer experiences must start with meaningful, positive employee experiences. Across the board, you’re dealing with people. Your people must come first, always.

One of our favorite sessions of the recent Creatio Accelerate Conference featured an interview with Cameron Herold in which he talked about “Creating a World-Class Company by Empowering Employees with Freedom.” As an author and business growth consultant to companies with 50-500 employees, Herold trains leaders in strategy and operations. His talk was loaded with wisdom, including what he said about the necessity and urgency of taking care of people. Here are three takeaways.

Empower Your Employees in 3 Ways

First, hire the right people.

Herold said leaders often tell him that they don’t completely trust their employees to get done the most important work that will contribute to organizational goals. He has seen this be particularly true as workplaces have shifted to remote or hybrid work. If you can’t trust your people, he says, you’ve hired the wrong people or you’re not training them as well as they need. Also, create a vivid vision and make it the cornerstone of the culture in which the right people will thrive.

Second, develop your people.

“The leader’s core job is to grow people,” Herold says. He uses a mental image of two side-by-side ladders, one for skill and one for confidence. Developing people requires providing ways to gain ascending levels of both. First, encourage enough confidence to be open to learning new skills. Then give skill training. Repeat. Repeat again.

Employees are humans whose emotions respond positively when they feel the organization cares about them. And how does the organization communicate that they care? By investing time and money in their growth.

Developing people is critical to attracting and retaining good employees. According to a Gallup poll published a few months ago, lack of opportunities for development is one of the top three reasons people leave their jobs. (The other two are not feeling connected to the company’s purpose and a lack of strong relationships at work. Contrary to popular belief, money is farther down the list.)

Third, create systems that support your people’s best work.

Make sure all employees know the impact of the jobs they’re doing on your company’s purpose. Enlist employees at all levels in examining all your processes to make sure they are accomplishing what you want them to. The first question should be, “Do we need this process?” If not, stop doing it. If so, how can we optimize it? Automate it? Or outsource it? Don’t ever create a process just for the process’s sake. It will just weigh down employees and steal their motivation. For the ones you do need, keep them as simple as possible and invest in software such as CRM combined with BPM capabilities to manage and support your staff as they execute them.

So here’s a counter-intuitive call to action: Don’t buy and implement Creatio software – or any other, for that matter -- without first looking at the value it will provide for your people. Because Creatio is no-code, it’s easy to adapt to your processes and automate some to free up your people to conduct higher-level ones. But don’t even begin the process of making a CRM solution without at the same time creating a strategy to develop your people and include them in operational planning.  More on business process consulting services.

And don’t buy CRM from anyone who does not have the depth of experience in business process analysis and people development. When you talk with us, you’ll find that we have that experience. We’ll ask and think through the questions with you. We are enthusiastic about how CRM can support your people’s best work. When employees are trained in and begin using Creatio, we have seen their skill, confidence, and effectiveness flourish.  More about the results from the people at Success with CRM Consulting

Do contact us today to schedule an initial conversation. We also invite you to check out what some of our clients have to say about their experience of collaborating with us.

Show your employees you care about them by investing in their growth and in processes and the technology they need to do their best work.

Watch the whole Cameron Herold interview here.

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