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Taken from our client stories: How our strategic approach has helped businesses transform 


Do you want to make your business the best it can be? We’ve never met a business owner who didn’t. 

It’s time to not be timid – CRM and our strategic approach to implementing it have transformed many businesses. Here’s what that looks like with some of our clients.

It may be a new insight into how to actively engage sales professionals in capturing knowledge about prospects and customers, eliminating call reports, and dynamically reporting sales activity. Now intelligent technology accelerates marketing and sales alignment.

It may be dynamic dashboards that help sales and service professionals manage their day while staying up to day on new communications.  

It may be a co-designed CRM solution for an online entrepreneur that provides leads to 60 real estate agents across the US. It started with nine pages of wants and needs that the business owner had been building for more than two years. Now, when new web leads are captured, the system automatically notifies agents of the interest and reminds them again to update the lead status if it hasn’t been done after 24 hours and again after five days. Business process management to the rescue! 

It may be eliminating the timely and incomplete process of weekly call reports for a sales organization. Now each day’s notes are captured in the CRM system and immediately available on the sales manager's dashboard. Sales professionals really like that!  Increased agility comes from the real meaning of digital transformation.

It may be developing ways to identify influencers who can powerfully affect business development and community relations efforts. Do you know who can influence others?

It may be a simple, new way to show their Quick Books accounting data in their ACT! customer management system so salespeople can see past invoices and payments. Or maybe they gain a quick way to see two or three prior years of monthly sales from another accounting system so trends can be easily identified.

It may be providing professional quality, accurate quotes for sales support staff that their customers can easily understand. The sales force in the field generates these, remaining actively engaged in new business development. 

It may be smarter sales and more effective marketing. Now you know whom to call first and which marketing content is reaching the minds of your e-news readers. CRM integrated e-marketing for ACT!Creatio CRM (formally bpm'online), and Infor CRM SalesLogix) can do that. 

It may be small business owners and their sales forces who can focus on their hot and warm prospects because of recent marketing content that readers used to qualify themselves.

It may be the profound transformation that lasts for decades because the CRM core foundation has adapted to the way they operate the business. The product and services mix may have changed. The salesforce may now be more field reps and fewer inside sales. Or maybe the pressure has increased to know the customers’ buying process in order to match the company's sales process to it. A robust CRM grows and adapts right along with the business.

It may be a tailor-made personalization of CRM system for a professional services business that helps partners and managers focus on their "top 21" contacts. Their best clients, prospects, and referrals are kept top of mind, daily.

Consider that a successful CRM strategy and system is your best business option used for acquiring, developing, and retaining profitable customers year after year.

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Serving business owners is our purpose

Our mission is to help business people build positive long-term relationships and enjoy the benefits of successful business life. We help entrepreneurs experience a more rewarding business and life by creating strategies to take their business to the next level.

Peter Drucker has said that the purpose of a business is to create a customer. Business development is the getting, growing, and keeping of profitable customers over the long term. A successfully working CRM system is critical to business development.

Our business philosophy? Having adaptable strategies and systems in place is essential to a dynamic business in today's knowledge-worker, social-communications, ever-changing world. 

We work best with small to medium businesses in a collaborative and cooperative environment. We believe our strategic approach can help you.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in October 2012 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Next Steps: 

Could your business use a more strategic approach?

If you already have a CRM system but it needs to be converted, upgraded, or optimized, we can help you make wise use of this existing resource, too.

Give us a call today at 269-445-3001 or email Dick@SuccesswithCRM.com or Julie@Successwithcrm.com


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