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The 5 W’s of Customer Relationships, Part 2: Where and When

Accelerate business relationship development - Where and When

Business success requires high quality customer relationships. We believe in this truthCRM-Who-what-when-where-why-how so strongly that we’ve focused our services entirely on helping organizations nurture and manage their customer relationships to the highest degree, and on digital tools to accelerate that transformation.

Relationships deepen with understanding, and the better you know your customers, the more you can strengthen their loyalty and attract more like them. We’ve found that asking good questions is the best approach. Our last article began a series on how businesses can improve those relationships by doing a variation of journalistic-style fact-finding about their customers. Getting answers to the five W’s plus one -- who, what, when, where, why, and how – will lead to more fruitful interactions, more effective marketing, and more customer loyalty.

The last post was about who customers are and what is meaningful to them. Today, let’s examine how asking good questions about the next two W’s, where and when, can help you relate to them in a more personalized way.


The most basic where question is the prospect or customer’s location. Your account reps need that information at their fingertips. Creatio CRM connects the contact record to Google so they can get GPS directions without having to toggle out of their mobile Creatio app. With this seamless functionality, they can plan an efficient series of face-to-face calls and fill in unexpected gaps with a quick visit to a prospect in the vicinity.

Next, expand your thinking beyond the literal to look at the customer journey. Can your team identify where each customer is on that path? Sales, marketing, and service staff all need this information so they can relate to the customer appropriately and in a unified, smooth fashion. With Creatio, you can customize your CRM to support how your processes work, not the other way around, and to even automate the journey from one step to the next.

Where does your customer want their business to be by the end of the year? In 3 years? Knowing their own road-map to the future will enable you to more strategically align the value you provide with their needs.

Outcomes you can expect:  You’ll be able to customize your business processes faster, handle more sales calls per day, and position yourself as an expert guide on their journey to achieve their dreams.


When has to do with your history with this person or organization as well as your ability to anticipate their patterns and plan for how you can deliver value to them in the future.

  • When was their first contact with your company?
  • When did they first purchase from you?
  • When does their fiscal budget year end?
  • When is that RFP coming out, and when is the deadline for submitting a proposal?
  • Is a leadership transition, merger, or new product line in the works? When will that happen?

Nonprofit organizations need to know when donors first gave, when they last gave, and when volunteers are available to schedule. Universities need to track a myriad of anticipated and completed milestones and life changes for students and alumni.

When will each prospect or customer be ready for a contact from an appropriate representative of your organization? Setting up meetings is easy right from within their Creatio contact records because the solution is designed to function seamlessly with the leading calendar apps like Google or Outlook. No jumping back and forth, which means improved efficiency and accuracy.

When is also about managing internal work flow. Creatio CRM uses AI to trigger and automate a sequence actions. We work with our clients to help them clarify what their processes need to look like for maximum productivity and results. Plus, each employee can set reminders and tasks and track them on their customized dashboard. Creatio also works well with team management apps like Slack.

Outcomes you can expect: Expect to convert more leads to sales, increase the open rate on marketing emails, and improve employee productivity.



In our next post, we’ll look at two more fundamental questions you need answers to for your customers: why and how. For now, think about the same question we asked you last time: If we asked your customers, how well would they say you know them and their operations? What additional where and when questions could you ask them to deepen your understanding of them?

Are you ready for a digital transformation that will power these outcomes and more? Contact us today. We want to get to know you. We promise we’ll listen.

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