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Your CRM database- the keeper of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

In our digital marketing age, is it still true that people choose to buy from people and organizations they know and trust?

Yes. In fact, relationship counts in growing and maintaining a business just as much if not more than ever, because of the very fact buyers have so many alternatives and the internet’s research tools at their fingertips. Neglect knowing your customers at your peril. Wait, that’s not quite right -- don’t wait till they are customers. You need to start to get to know them at your very first contact with them.


Journalists build everything they do on these six questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? To build solid customer relationships, you need to do the same. Can you and your sales team answer those same questions about each person you engage with? When everyone functions like a crack investigative reporting team and asks good questions, information in your CRM about who your customers are will grow in value.

Outcomes you can expect: more meaningful relationships, more customer loyalty, increased revenue, and more efficient and complementary marketing and sales processes.

The 5 W’s plus how are interlaced. They don’t work piecemeal. But together, the synergy is magic. We’re going to cover two of them today.


People don’t feel valued when they don’t feel seen and heard. They are not Just-what-I-wanted-CRM-adviorcommodities and don’t want to be treated as such. We can’t understand people if we aren’t curious and don’t ask good questions. Our approach to clients, for instance, is to begin by actively listening to everything the client says, asking thoughtful questions, listening some more, and learning their drivers, values, and pain points before we recommend any CRM strategy. Together, we experience a very satisfying process that leads to aha! moments.  They aren’t just our next sale. We treat them as human beings and as partners whose goals then become our goals.

Beyond putting the basic contact information and scant notes in your CRM, train your staff to listen, ask good questions, and capture a lot of detail. Also, train all your customer-facing employees to use those notes to inform all their interactions.

Additionally, it will be critical as you grow your network to collect information on who your customers know. Who are their business collaborators? Who is the decision maker in their organization?


In customer relationships, what can refer to lots of things. What questions we ask our clients include:

  • What CRM solution, if any, are they using now?
  • What processes are working well?
  • What isn’t?
  • What problems need solving?
  • What benefits and outcomes are most important to them?

You will have similar questions to ask your prospects relating to how you will work with them.

One of the beauties of Creatio CRM is that it is built to seamlessly support and integrate business process management with relationship management. It’s exquisitely configurable to fit how you work without needing a specialized app developer.

Once a prospect becomes a customer, we also track in Creatio what solutions and services were purchased. You’ll want to do that, too.

Outcomes you can expect: Customers who sing your praises because you are helping them clarify and achieve their goals, and  an organization-wide productivity boost.


Watch for a return to this subject in a couple of future posts with the rest of those fundamental questions you need answers to for your customers. For now, ask yourself this question: If we asked your customers, how well would they say you know them and their operations?


Are you ready for a digital transformation that will power the outcomes you desire? Contact us today (269)445-3001


We want to get to know you. We promise we’ll listen.


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