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35 Ways to Boost Sales Productivity with CRM: Now and Later

35 Ways CRM boosts sales productivity: today & every future day.

The following list contains various ways that using of a CRM system and related technology can help boost sales productivity and effectiveness...


  • To get a quick handle on your schedule for today and this week. It is important to not miss a To-do task, an appointment, a phone call or an important meeting and screw up expectations.
    Creatio Calendar-full week
  • To reduce my risk of forgetting who, what, when, where, why, and how!
  • To quickly find information about a contact's phone number, email, or address.
  • To notify prospective customers about an upcoming event such as a trade show or new pricing for a product line using email. 
  • To follow up with next action notes about a meeting that was just completed.  Thus not forgetting key elements of who, what, when, where, why and how.  Quickly access the account or specific contact's timeline to jump start intelligent conversations.

Account activity timeline-Creatio-bpmonline CRM

  • To quickly view your top opportunities and the amount of time passed since positive progress; so the opportunity and contact relationships opportunity does not become cold!
  • To look up other customer accounts in the same geographical area and reduce travel time to reconnect.

Creatio mobile-customer route mapping

  • To capture notes of a recently discovered, new competitor's apparent strengths, weakness and your selling strategies against. Extremely helpful “later” and when shared with fellow salespeople and sales management.
  • To provide sales force automation: Create a quote, send it with an email to an important contact, and automatically record it in your CRM history all with the press of a button or tap of a finger.
  • To access sales and product literature and easily attach it digitally to an outgoing set of email addresses.
  • To open a PDF of a recent quote to re-send to a prospect or to quickly review its contents before making a follow-up phone call.
  • To pop up a picture of contact, just in case you’re in a room with many others and need to quickly recognize them
  • To capture important notes and key decisions from a recent phone call Creatio-mobile-screenso the right commitments are not forgotten.
  • To look up a map of a current contacts on your smart phone or tablet.  Maybe you have time to stop by Starbucks.
  • To view digital documents about pricing, product literature and competitive battle cards to make intelligent decisions and meaningful conversations!
  • To capture quick notes of a recent customer issues (ticket/case) and forward it to customer service for quick follow up.
  • Faster scheduling: To quickly view if another key person is available for a meeting; maybe an internal tech rep or sales manager to help with a upcoming sales presentation.
  • Easily click on the company's URL to view their web site - check out news releases, product offering and changes in key contacts.


  • Relationship Building: To remember to mention that the contact you're about to call has their only daughter now attending the State University or their spouse has started looking into a vacation home in Sedona.
  • To remember that Joe, Bill & Richard are obsessive fans for a favorite sports team and would really enjoy tickets to Saturday's game.
  • Click on the company's Facebook link to observe how they are trying to attract and influence others OR click on a contact's LinkedIn account to quickly view fresh info about the business or a person’s interests and prior job responsibilities.

If you'd like to start a conversation about what is possible, a need to make a Reduce-Risk-with-CRMswitch or upgrading your experience in getting more from your CRM, visit our home page or give us a call: 269-445-3001. 



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