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10 reasons why sales professionals enjoy using Creatio CRM

Positives a Good CRM system provides...

Over the years I have heard many conversations among various sales professionals about the advantages that a good CRM System can provide to each of them. 

Having a personalized and very capable, accessible CRM like Creatio (formally bpm'online) CRM system it allow the sales professional to quickly get up to speed on an account, an contact or an opportunity (see timeline below)..  Why is that important? Because its too hard to accurately remember the nuances of past conversations, past purchases, or support answers that were previously provided.

Reasons why sales professionals like a helpful CRM system like Creatio

1. Having a time-line 

A timeline visualization provides  a holistic view of account activity over a period of time so we can better assess situations and adjust accordingly- sure comes in handy...

Account activity timeline-bpmonline CRM


2. Scheduled activity list and calendar

Creatio Calendar-full week


3. Analytical tools for faster, informed decisions, everywhere.



4.  Quickly viewing the current schedule of appointments for the week and what is on my to-do task list.  Having a dashboard with a set of configurable widgets showing these items gives a quick snapshot of what's in store for the week.


5. The ability to quickly lookup my client accounts or key contacts along with the last time I talked with them.  Time tends to pass too quickly without a follow up and the filtered listing of key contacts helps reconnect me with what has been going on.

Contact_Activites_History_Creatio CRM

6.  Having a snapshot of open client service items of my key accounts.  A sales rep doesn't want to get surprised by an open support/service issue.  They want to be automatically when there are open service cases.  Also when then lookup an account they want to see these open cases at the top of the service issue list.


7. Having the ability to look at open sales opportunities/projects as the lead sales person or as the sales manager to guide the sales team on stuck opportunities.  Top opportunities need to be at my 'top of mind.'


8.  Accessible competitor tracking showing competitor product information as well as strength/weakness notes and a selling against strategy - for those close call opportunities.


 9. Having a quick access to my contact's office and mobile phone numbers from my cell phone.  Plus the ability to tap in a few notes before the thoughts are forgotten.

Creatio bpmonline mobile on iPad

10.  Viewing a client's payment and invoice history.  This is often a read-only view into the client's Accounts Receivable transactions from a related accounting system such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS 200/500, etc. It sure helps to know if they are not more than 30 days out in payments!


11.  Ability to quickly view the last several email conversations and the related quote or literature sent along with the email.  Access to this information makes you feel that you're on top of your game.


12. Having the ability to automatically synchronized their CRM with their email system (Outlook /Gmail) so that the sent email and any attachments are automatically saved to the contact record and related company account in Creatio CRM. This is a productivity plus item for keeping my emails with the contact record!


13. Ability to gain a holistic accounting of where I'm at with my top client, top prospects and top referral sources.   We have a professional services client who has each of their firm's partners and key managers identify their top 21 contacts:  clients, prospects and referral sources. This dashboard view shows the next scheduled activity and the days since the last conversation whether it was by an email, a phone call or a face to face meeting. Very helpful to not let time pass too quickly without connecting to key people! 

Business Mgmt Dashboard options with Opp mgmt


Please share with others:  What are the reasons you like your current CRM solution?


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