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Increase sales productivity with Contour Geocode mapping

Maps and Driving Directions

Let's say you are a field sales professional that is out of the office visiting a prospect.  You find that you have some time on your hands while visiting the Chicagoland area.  It would be very helpful to use your mobile phone or tablet to check options from your Infor CRM system

The following is an image from Infor Mobile client and it is using a current location with option to show a type of account like Customer with a listing of those near by.  Once an account type is chosen the list of accounts nearest you are shown.  In this case from 1.5 miles out to about 15 miles away.


Mobile contour-Customer accounts near me.png

On your mobile phone you can click the account you want to visit and Infor mobile shows details and an address to get directions to.

Mobile-Contour-Accounts Nearby.png

Likewise, you may have a specific contact you want to visit. 

Mobile phone - view an address with moble map app.png

Select the View Address link to show the map using the native mapping app on your mobile phone.

Mobile-view address with native map app on phone.png

Another scenario is now you are ready to leave the Abbott customer account and want to visit a prospect while heading back to the office or your hotel.  From the account detail form, select the option for Accounts Near by and the Account type of "Prospect".  Simply click on the account and then view the address in your mobile phone's native mapping application.

Mobile-Contour-list of prospects near by.png

Getting more work done and planning a travel route for upcoming trip

The address geocoding that comes with Infor CRM is even more powerful when using the full Web client on your tablet or laptop. You have more screen real estate and management options.

In the following image you have selected the Contour Account Search to show all Prospect accounts within 10 miles of the Abbott Ltd account.  The closest addresses are listed first.

Find accounts nearby a specific account address.png

The <Display Map> option will take these listed accounts and plot them on either a Google or Microsoft Bing map.  (The map used is setup by your CRM administrator)

The left panel lists the accounts to the pin number on the map on the right.  NOTE:  You can easily drag up or down a given account from the list on the left to change the travel order.

Account Search Map display2.png

Once you have checked the accounts to visit on your travel trip and the order of visits you can easily click on the <Get Directions> button to driving instructions.

Account Search Map get directions.png

So there are many ways to work more productively with the new Contour search.  Sign up for our blog postings and watch for upcoming tips on using Contour proximity search.

Add Value to Your Infor CRM System

Contour proximity Search adds value to your Infor CRM (Saleslogix) system by allowing your organization to use geographic information to assist in business decisions that were not possible before. Searching is unlimited. Example scenarios include:

A field rep is planning his day and wishes to generate a route of clients that optimizes his territory coverage:

  • A national sales rep wants to generate a list of nearby prospects to visit on a business trip to Chicago

  • The Marketing group wants to send promotional material for an upcoming product launch to customers in the Phoenix, Denver, and Seattle markets

  • A field sales rep has extra time during the day and wishes to visit one or two contacts nearest his current location

  • A customer service rep wishes to dispatch a vendor closest to the customer

What is Contour Proximity Search?

Use Infor CRM Contour to view contacts or accounts geographically, based on their detailed addresses. You can view contacts and accounts in a specific city or determine nearby contacts or accounts when you are meeting a contact or an account in order to plan sales meetings.  You can get driving routes for a group of contacts or accounts in the same area.

Special places are locations that can be added to a proximity search as a start or end point, for example a hotel or airport, or a stop, for example a favorite restaurant.  Places can be private or shared.

Infor CRM Contour comes at no software cost for Infor customers on maintenance and support. It is included with the Update 04 from early November 2016 for Infor CRM version 8.3.  While the free Bing or Google Mapping API key can be used it is recommended for large CRM system databases that a professional API key is obtained.  The Infor CRM web and/or mobile client can be used but not the Infor Windows client.

Internally Infor CRM has a geocode Addresses job that updates contact, account and user addresses with geocode information to be used by the configured geocode provider (Google or Bing). Google maps has a limit of 10 address records that can be displayed on the map.  Bing maps allows 25 address records to show up on a map.

The web client on-line help in Infor CRM version 8.3.04 provides additional on-line help on host to setup and configure users with the role to use the Contour features.

TIP:  For the most accurate geocoding a complete address such as street number and name is needed instead of a PO number.  If an address cannot be located on a map, then the map pin will be red and located as close to the location as can be determined.  Click the red pin to see details about whey the address could not be located on the map.

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Topics:   Make your business work smarter Sales Productivity Improvements Know your customer Saleslogix Tips

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