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Creating and using Parent-Child Account Relationships in Infor CRM

In the animal world every animal has a parent relationship, a sort of hierarchy of Parent->Child from one generation to another.  In the CRM digital world this may also apply to relationships among your business accounts.  Some businesses will have many child, subsidiary accounts that you track in CRM and still need to relate back to a parent account.

Consider this is a worldwide corporate account that have various business accounts located elsewhere that do business with your business. So, the parent account has multiple subsidiary/child accounts that are linked as one.  Under each account are a range of contacts, opportunities and service requests.

Parent-child relationship image.png

Examples to consider:

  • A banking corporation with a national corporate office and then a chain of regional banking centers
  • A major distribution customer where you sell into their different regional distribution centers.
  • A key strategic partner that is a national financial advisory firm who has affiliate or franchise local advisory firms.

How is your customer accounts structured to best use account hierarchy?

How to use Account Hierarchy:

In Infor CRM web client you can easily link a child account to a parent account using the "Parent Account" lookup magnifying glass.  Once you have selected  "Abbott Worldwide" as parent for "Abbott Ltd", the child, the linked account appears as shown below.

Account clild linked to a parent.png

As you view an account detail form the tool bar of icons is shown:

Infor CRM tool bar.png


Use the parent/child icon  Infor-CRM-Account-Hierarchy.png  to obtain a visual display of the current account and how it is linked as the parent or as the child.  In the following image there are three child accounts linked to parent, "Abbott Worldwide"

Account hierarchy child with contact.png


In the top right section is a summary of all the opportunities for the child account, total invoices and total sales orders.  

Summary of child account.png


You can easily click on the parent account in the Account hierarchy. 

Account Hierarchy tree view.png

Then click on "Cascade Totals" to show the summary of the child accounts with the parent account.  Now you can easily determine the total value of the parent customer account....


Parent account summary view of opps, invoices for cascaded child accounts.png

Note:  This capability is found in the Infor CRM web client for version 8.3 update 9.


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