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Integrity Checker - don't forget this CRM tool

Integrity is the state of being whole and undivided, a firm adherence to a code.

So wouldn't you want a way to validate your CRM database, tables and linked records?

Common Issues:

  • Did you import a group of records and now the results are not showing up properly?
  • Did someone "delete" instead of "retire" a user and now you see invalid or blank values for Account Manager?
  • Are there reports showing blank data or 'invalid' in place of the correct users's name?
  • Are activities now showing up correctly?
  • When clicking on a digital attachment, you don't see the related file or get an error message?


Integrity Checker is an Infor CRM utility you can use to locate errors and correct records in your database.  This utility can be launched through the Infor CRM (Saleslogix)  Windows Administrator, or a standalone application (SLXDBChecker.exe). To access Integrity Checker, users must be assigned an Admin role with the appropriate rights.

Run the Integrity Checker tests to find any records that are potentially causing problems in the database.

The default set of tests is visible in the tree view each time you open Integrity Checker.  


Integrity Checker uses libraries of tests.  Each library is a file containng one or more tests.  The Infor CRM Standard library of tests (SalesLogix.sxc) loads by default.  You can customize and extend the standard tests, add new tests, load or create new libraries, and specify which library of tests to load as the default.

In the tree view, select a test by clicking the check box next to the test name. For example, under Account there are 9 different tests.  The more common issues are related to Account Summary, accounts with bad account managerID or missing Addresses.

Saleslogix-Integrity-Checker-Account-checking tasks.png

Listing of tests per key area/table/entity

Activities have this list of tests that we have found helpful in clearing up schedule activity issues, especially when integration with an email system.


Additionally Security related tests are recommended to keep Users, Roles and Rights in synch.


Contact related tests. When you upgrade from an older version the DoNot... Flags will need to be corrected.


Sales Opportunity related tests. These will check when an opportunity has broken links to Competitor, Contacts, Products, etc. 


Options for running an Integrity Checkup:

The following are my recommendations for the option settings. Summary information is provided and can be saved in the results file.

Press the TEST button to see what results are found and understand what corrective action will occur. The results of a test will show the number of records affected.  Tests do not change records in the database until you select Repair.


When you click on a specific test, note the SQL Script Preview window that shows what will be listed and the method of correction.  Sometimes the repair action is to Delete, Clear, Update, and so forth.

SQL view of update statement Integrity Checker.png


Check the "Repair" button to repair the records detected by the test.  

The changes made are permanent.



Maintenance - run weekly in a widely used system or at least monthly.  Do not run the tests until all users are logged off the and if approriate for your implementation, the Synchronization Server has finished running.

TIP:  Before and during the various steps of a Saleslogix upgrade to Infor CRM it is a best practice to use this Integrity Checker.  It will automatically correct issues with specific data relations - to keep your CRM system healthy.

Get Started with Success with CRM


Give us a call for addition tools and best practices:  269-445-3001


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