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Shortcuts and Productivity Tips For Sales Reps Using Infor CRM

Unrealized benefits of using existing CRM functionality...

After implementing and developing tailored Infor CRM business work flow processes over the years, I know that there are tons of features and functionality you consider utilizing in your business. However, here are 3 key 'out of the box' functionality features that have the most effective results:

Benefit Tip #1: Find Trends and Undiscovered Opportunities

Effectively using the smart phone microphone capability to 'speak' to update information in your CRM system is not fully utilized by sales teams. Sales reps using the 'Speech to Text' technology need to quickly identifying key concepts on the CRM record - not to provide a transcript. These quick notes benefit both the sales team and customer service team with something searchable.

Infor CRM Mobile - Speech to Text

Example: Just by using the SpeedSearch tool in Infor CRM for specific key words (ie. water filtration tools), provides you with a list of both prospects and customers that have made inquiries on your services or have spoken with your Customer Service department at one point. Overall it provides you with certain key words that have been spoken frequently that ordinarily don't occur in natural conversations.

Benefit Tip #2: Complete CRM Actions in Outlook

Do you use Xbar? If so, the ability to drag and drop an attachment from an email onto the Xbar contact is pretty cool. I also like the ability to select some text on an email (using preview pane) and drag and drop that across to the Xbar to create a follow up activity.

In the Web client, I am a big fan of the Account Time Line view. When preparing for a call/meeting, you immediately get a view on what the relationship has been like recently (too much red - not great, lots of green - potential revenue) while also being able to drill into the detail to help you prepare fully.

If it is a sales audience, show them how they can use 'update opportunities' to update multiple opportunities at the same time - really useful on the first day of a month/quarter to shift the estimated close date on all the opportunities they didn't close and keep their pipeline accurate.

Benefit Tip #3: Personalizing your CRM to Reduce 'Clicks'

In terms of tips, I would make sure CRM users know what personalization options are available to them - dragging and dropping tabs in the detail view to arrange the information exactly how you like it (while not affecting any other users). A sales person may simply need to see Activities, Notes/History for the Contact.

View contact history that you want to see

For shortcuts - within Tools>Options there are a number of useful options that can reduce the number of clicks required:

  • Opportunities - Setup your opportunity defaults to automatically populate Status, Type, Probability, Est. Close Date, Sales Process for new opportunities
  • Activities - Setup your activity defaults to reduce the number of clicks needed to schedule any task (or follow up task)
  • Groups - Within this tab, you can set your default look up condition (starts with, contains etc) as well as your default look up group for each entity. The group determines the fields you can search by, as well as the order in which they appear. Setting this up correctly can make it much quicker to find records within the system.

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