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Getting more from Infor CRM - use of Summary list views

A well-used CRM should provide a list view that shows key summary information about each business account or contact within your customer or prospects.

Yes Infor CRM has group lists that can be easily used and enhanced with the powerful use of filters but I find that many CRM users are unaware of the Summary view of Group lists.

"All Accounts" group List view

Account group list view.png

If a detail record is chosen use the 'hamburger' icon  to show a listing, spreadsheet type view.

Infor CRM Group list vs detail view icon.png


Each entity in Infor CRM:  Accounts, Contacts,  Tickets, or Opportunities and even custom entities have a summary list view.   It is a simple matter to clicking on "Summary" or "List" to see one of the other view

Infor CRM group List or summary view.png 

Summary view of Account group:

Note the summary view is a large view of the records in the current group.  A summary view will show key information about the entity, account, in this case.  

Account group summary view.png


Get a quick 360 degree snapshot of an account

But under the right column there is a section that rolls up counts of related information such as the number of contacts, number of opportunities and number of tickets.  This is a great way to determine the activity with the account without having to drill into the account details.

If you need to show what makes up those counts of related information just click on the downward arrow.  The image below shows all the related contacts for the account with their phone number and email address. Clicking on the blue hype link takes the user to that contact detail record.

Infor CRM Account group summary linked contacts.png


View of the Contact group 'summary view" and the ability to show key contact information along with the number of related opportunities and customer service tickets.

Infor CRM Contact group summary view.png

Because  Infor CRM is so adaptable the layout of fields on a summary record can be changed or additional information added that is important to your organization.  View some of the tailored solutions we have developed for clients in various industries,here.


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