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7 Key Benefits to Your Business with Purposeful CRM

Accelerate Business Transformation - now!

Prospective clients often ask about how a contact management /CRM system can help them in their startup or small business.

Julie and I answer by sharing how a full customer relationship management system can coordinate marketing, sales, and customer service to meet their needs. Then together we look at their vision and share insights on how a more integrated business CRM like the unified and low-code Creatio (formally bpm'online) CRM  can help achieve it

Is that a question you ever ask?

Your business can benefit from  CRM, too, in one or more of these seven ways: 

1. Build profitable relationships through effective customer interactions.

Relationships are the core element of any successful business, so focus your strategy on enhancing them.  Conversations with customers are much richer when they are informed by what you know about them. Your CRM is a place to gather, store, and synthesize all your history with them and metrics on their behavior

Today's CRM solutions enable a 360-degree customer view. Using CRM’s full potential will help you build longer, more profitable customer relationships, even beyond sales and marketing.


CRM enhances multiple types of relationships.


Use the 360 views to include Customer Service in building relationships that increase Sales.

The customer experience you provide makes all the difference in long-term business success. Think about the best and worst experiences you have had as a customer-- If the service you received was positive, I bet you felt more inclined to recommend the business and return for additional purchases.

Deliver Customer Service - eBook


CRM covers the customer's journey from Lead to Loyalty

BPMonline Funnel capabilities.png


2. Get vital customer information anytime, anywhere

Think how much faster customers will gain trust in you when you remember what is important to them and can respond quickly to their questions. Your mobile CRM means the end of delays while you’re out in the field.

Quickly finding valuable information in conversations, emails, notes, and sales history is essential. It’s entirely accessible whether you are using your laptop or mobile phone. to access your Creatio CRM. Now that your database can live securely in the cloud.

Mobile CRM puts detailed prospect and customer information at your fingertips so you can perform key actions quickly wherever you are.

Learn 7 helpful ways mobile CRM makes a difference in your business. 

               Creatio mobile client with visual indicators to measure progress.

bpmonline mobile 7.10 on iPad.gif

3. Fill the pipeline with qualified leads for consistent sales revenue.

More qualified leads mean more effective time that the sales professional can spend with a prospect. How does your marketing deliver?

Each email campaign should provide feedback on who is opening, who is reading, and what each reader is most interested in.  CRM solutions integrate with e-marketing to give you that insight. Then you can set it to auto-create a call list to focus your sales pros on those hot prospects.  Game changer.

But that’s not all.

Another example to view the metrics from an email campaign or the historical timeline of inbound and outbound communications.

  • Number of the emails opened compared to the number of emails sent
  • Number of the embedded links that were clicked from within the email, such as the one to your product page

Account activity timeline-Creatio-bpmonline CRM

Marketing Creatio shows marketing results from a drip/nurture marketing campaign:

Know how well that marketing campaign is performing - example of  Creatio CRM dashboard.

Marketing Creatio campaign analytics


4. Identify new opportunities, analyze performance and business metrics, and diagnose potential issues.

You need a handle on where the future business will come from.  With opportunity management, you can determine where to direct sales coaching or additional focus.



Additionally, understanding the potential for recurring service and support issues will mean your business can proactively prevent instead of reactively repairing damage to those valuable customer relationships.

Personalized decision dashboards visualize your progress such as customer service cases.

Creatio business support cases analytics

5. Match your process and preferences for Synergy.

Every business has common goals and challenges. But every business also has its own set of critical business processes, terminology, and 'tweaks' they find beneficial.

Good news: Creatio CRM  gives you the ability to tailor the system in ways that enhance your users' productivity and track information specific to their needs. 

Creatio CRM is especially powerful.  It's based on a foundation of business process management – makes you even more agile and efficient by matching your sales process to your customers' buying process and improving workflow with tools 

When BPM tools are applied to workflow automation, alerts, and data synchronization, frustrations go away, productivity increases, and more work gets done.


Intelligent BPM platform with bpmonline CRM

bpmonline Change-Alignment platform

6. Integrate other desktop applications, and web services - for a holistic view.

Nearly all companies use some version of the Microsoft Office suite or Google Gmail – are you one of them? Your CRM system needs to sync with it, and it does with Creatio.  Each CRM user can define which folders to synchronize and if the synchronization is in one direction or synchronizes in both directions.

Should any of the CRM information need to be exported for further analysis you can simply define the columns and filter criteria and section the Export action.

Most everyone working in Microsoft Outlook/Gmail needs direct access to the related contact and company information for each Inbox email.  While in your CRM you can still see your email Inbox of incoming and outgoing emails. Your sales team can quickly turn unstructured email information into defined tasks, opportunities, leads, and intelligent conversations. CRM users can also update existing CRM contact and related information directly from within Outlook/Gmail. 


Links to their accounting systems are a core requirement for many of our clients. And CRM delivers.  The Creatio/QuickBooks connector can integrate data between both systems.  For example, your QB accounts receivable invoices, invoice details, and payments can be seen for each customer account in CRM.  A CRM sales order can get posted into QuickBooks as a quote/estimate for further invoicing.

7. Gain a professional partner who provides CRM design, implementation, skills training, and support.

Look for a partner who has entrepreneurial experience in driving business and skills in specific CRM applications.

This is where a professional services firm like ours can provide you with valuable assistance. Insights into what works and best practices in the use of CRM are part of our knowledge transfer to your business. Our goal is for you to gain greater success with CRM.

We enjoy working with entrepreneurial-minded business owners seeking excellence. Many have found us to be just such a professional partner. But don’t take our word for it. Read their honored testimonials for reasons to believe.  

Have you considered

How business automation could increase productivity and free the use of your strengths?

CRM allows users to do what they do best and automate business processes such as:

  • thanking new leads who use your website form
  • adding lead to a marketing nurturing campaign
  • creating a new customer service case from an inbound email
  • sending a personalized email for a follow-up meeting.


Look into the built-in business process management foundation of Creatio CRM to Accelerate Business Transformation- Now!


Got questions about how CRM could specifically benefit your business? Send Dick an email or give Dick a call – let’s talk: :   (269) 445-3001 

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