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In an earlier post, "Communicate through messages, publications, chats and chatbots" ,  we introduced Beesender and its two marketplace applications: Bot Master for chatbots and Operator.

In our global digital market, businesses can lose sales opportunities if they cannot communicate with prospective customers in languages other than English.  That’s what makes the multilingual welcome chatbot for BeeSender Bot Master so valuable.

Using the chatbot, you can welcome non-English-speaking site visitors from the get-go. They can choose to communicate in one of four languages: English, French, German and Spanish.


The prospective client can also contact the operator, request a call back in the operator’s absence, and/or leave feedback.  Communication channels the chatbot can use include Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype, and a website widget.

Based on the results of the customer communication, the chatbot creates actions for the user. If negative feedback has been received from the customer, the activity created in bpm’online is assigned the highest priority.


Here’s how your business can benefit:

  • Cost reduction - automatic greeting generation relieves the contact center.
  • Greater accuracy - errors are minimized when the creation of a record is automated. Bot will always correctly fill in a case.


Customers also benefit:

  • They can chat with the chat bot at any time of the day or night.
  • Their chat with the bot will always remain in the list of conversations in the messenger, unlike the operator’s phone number, which can get lost.



  • The welcome bot is free. Can’t beat that.
  • One BeeSender Bot Master license is required to install chatbot.


Use case example:

The chatbot asks the person starting the conversation to indicate their language of choice. Then the agent using bpm'online interacts, perhaps as follows:


Beesender Chatbot comunications select language example


What is happening back in bpm'online is a business process set in motion by the Welcome Bot.

Beesender Chatbot business process map for selection of language


The person starting the conversation is given options such as leaving a feedback message or creating a new service case.

FB communication options with Chatbot-1


The chatbot responds to the feedback based on the linked business process:


Beesender Chatbot business process map in bpmonline


More messages go back and forth...


Beesender Chatbot communications example 2


Through out the day the CRM agent will review the chat history that is easily accessed within bpm'online. Additional follow up may be indicated or the related case escalated.


Chats listing in bpmonline from Beesender integration-1



You can accelerate business transformation with these bpm'online Market Place BeeSender applications. Instead of losing potential leads for want of efficient, professional-grade communication, you’ll give operators (agents) a tool to chat with customers and employees directly in their own language.

Nurture those connections and grow.


Interested in learning more.  Contact us today.

Click on Start a Conversation.




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