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Accelerate business transformation with these bpm'online Market Place Beesender applications, which connects bpm'online with messages, social networks and website widgets, and enables operators (agents) to communicate with customers and employees directly from the communication panel of bpm'online.

Beesender can create chatbots (welcome, service or sales bot) and connect them with business processes in bpm'online. It gives an alternative to SMS messaging.  As a result, it becomes easy for customers to communicate with your company. And it is easier for your company to intelligently process customers' requests from chats and start internal business processes.  

Consider the value of:

  • The number of leads and communications grow
  • The level of customers' service quality and Net Promoter Score goes up
  • The number of calls and the work load of agents decreases


There are two types of licenses: Beesender Operator (for employees) and Beesender Bot Master (for chatbots design). 

Beesender Bot Master for bpm'online

Beesender Bot Master application provides for creating virtual assistants (chatbots) on the bpm'online platform. Comprehensively designed chatbots help companies reduce costs and offer customers and employees a new and often more convenient way to interact.

Chats listing in bpmonline from Beesender integration


Chatbot templates include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Multilingual auto-responding to the web-site visitors' questions
  • Receiving orders and service requests
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Creating and confirming an appointment
  • Conducting conferences and festivals
  • Training and coaching staff
  • Conducting surveys and collecting feedback


Communication channels:

  • Web-site widgets
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter


Examples of chatbots and connect them with business processes

Welcome bot

  • It works on a web site, in messengers, and social networks
  • It handles customer's requests 24 x 7
  • It answers the questions, transfers chats to operators
  • It accepts callback requests


Service bot

  • It handles a customer requests 24 x 7
  • It creates service cases in the bpm'online system
  • It informs customer about the progress in the case's status
  • It offers to evaluate the service quality


Sales bot

  • It receives client's requests 24 x 7
  • It creates leads and orders in bpm'online
  • It informs the sales managers about a new lead
  • it helps to assign the lead owner


Key features:

  • Built-in button chatbots designer for offering the message recipient options to choose from, such as pre-determined responses to a question, or actions to take
  • Supporting basic response types: post back action buttons as well as plain text
  • Enriching Contact's profile page with new parameters and text data derived from the chatbot communication history
  • Chatbot using information from the relevant bpm'online pages
  • Incorporating chatbot functionality into company's business processes. e.g. creation of contact, lead, order, case, etc.
  • Launching a new message from the chatbot to the customer upon an external trigger, e.g. upon the service call status update
  • Storing chat history in a separate Chat record tab on the bpm'online page
  • Setting up the sequence of chatbot and agent participation in the dialogue with the customer
  • Effortless interchanging of the chatbots and ability to carry out A/B testing
  • Selecting the channels to run chatbot in
  • Connecting one chatbot to several channels as well as several chatbots to one messenger or web-site widget
  • Setting up analytics to visualize the popularity of different chatbot threads



  • 1 Chatbot, cloud/on-site subscription is $2,400 per year.  Other pricing and support options found here.
  • One chatbot license allows you to connect one business process with a chatbot script in the bpm'online to one or simultaneously to several messengers (Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger) as well as to the web-site widget.
  • In terms of annual subscription, the 1 year period should be deemed as period of 360 calendar days.
  • The cost of implementing Beesender Bot Master for bpm'online and specific customization of the chatbot as per customer requirements is calculated separately.

How to understand how many licenses are needed to connect chatbots?

The number of chatbots is determined by the number of unique starting replicas or sets of buttons in the first chatbot menu. The license does not depend on the size of the chatbot.

1 chatbot = 1 business process = 1 license



Beesender Operator for bpm'online

Beesender Operator for bpm'online connects bpm'online with messengers, social networks and website widgets and enables operators to communicate with customers and employees directly from the communication panel of bpm'online.

Beesender Operator in bpmonline

Communication channels:

  • Live chat
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • WeChat
  • Facebook


Key features:

  • Automatic assignment of chats to relevant operators
  • Transferring chats between operators or from an operator to a group of operators
  • 4 types of operator notifications about a new chat
  • Creating a new contact, lead, case during a chat
  • Launching business processes during a chat
  • Automatic saving of customer's social media account obtained through instant messenger to the Communication channels detail in the Contact's page
  • Initiating a new chat from a Contact page in bpm'online interface
  • Resuming the communication of the closed chat (re-opening the chat)
  • Identification of authorized users communicating through the widget on the website
  • Receiving images and files from the customer when communicating in instant messengers and saving links to the Chat detail in bpm'online
  • Operator response templates
  • Full-text search for relevant template
  • Sending files to the customer through the company's FTP server
  • Sending articles from the knowledge base to the customer
  • Displaying related contacts, leads, and cases on the Chat page
  • Saving all communication history to the Chat page
  • Storing all chats in the Contact page
  • Assigning the category of the request upon closing the chat for future segmentation
  • Code generator for connecting the widget to the site
  • Obtaining the information about the website visitor: IP-address, country, city, page of entry
  • "Peeping" on the customer typing in the website widget
  • Analytics on chats and operators


Additional options:

  • Hybrid Dialogs "Chatbot - Operator - Chatbot" (requires Beesender Bot Master license)
  • Service mass texting through messengers (requires Beesender Service Messages license).



  • 1 Operator, cloud/onsite subscription is $300 per user per year.  Find additional pricing and support information here.
  • One Beesender Operator license allows you to communicate with customers simultaneously through different channels listed in the product description. The price of the license does not depend on the number of communication channels used.
  • In terms of annual subscription, the one year period should be deemed as period of 360 calendar days.
  • The cost of implementing Beesender for bpm'online and specific customization of the chatbot as per customer requirements is calculated separately.
  • The cost of subscription licenses includes technical support within Standard package.


How is Beesender different from the competition?

  • All communication takes place from the bpm'online interface in real time. The operator uses all sections and functionalities of bpm'online, communicating with the client from the side communication panel.


  • Beesender allows you to create button chatbots using the bpm'online business process designer. Bot can show information to the client from bpm'online or vice versa, to enrich the client profile. In addition, the client can use the chatbot to initiate the launch of business processes.


  • It is possible to customize hybrid dialogues (bot-operator-bot) with flexible configuration of the chat and routing rules between operators, groups of operators and chatbots.


  • Beesender adds instant messengers to the communications in the "Contact Card”. Any user who has a Beesender Operator license can initiate a new chat with a client or continue a previously finished chat.


Look for future use case stories and other helpful tips using Beesender


Interested in learning more.  Click on Start a Conversation.



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