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Business Drivers for CRM, Business Transformation, Creatio CRM

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Case Study: BNI, Workflow, and Creatio


Largest Referral Networking Organization selects Creatio to Accomplish Strategy and Get Needed Jobs Done

I value my membership in BNI – Business Network International. Perhaps you also participate in one of their chapters. Even if you don’t, you’re likely at least familiar with what it’s about.

BNI is the world’s largest referral networking organization, with more than 10,000 chapters around the world and 84,000 entrepreneur members in those chapters, all leaders of small and medium enterprise businesses. Participation in BNI generates a million referrals per month, resulting in $18 billion in revenue to its members.

When BNI realized it was time for them to pivot to more up-to-date digital tools to help them continue meaningful human touches in the online world, they chose Creatio. Here’s their story, as told by Meena Srinvasan, who has led BNI’s digital transformation.

Digital dominates how BNI develops business. They had a CRM, but they were quickly approaching a tipping point that would require one unified platform that could automate workflow as well as undergird customer relationships.

What BNI Needed from Their CRM

Specifically, here’s what they needed:

  • A CRM that would manage effectively the leads generated from more than a million visitors to their website who were potential members or visitors.
  • A CRM that would seamlessly integrate with core IT and the marketing automation system they already had in place.
  • A CRM that would support the use of multiple languages and currencies since it is a global organization.
  • A CRM that would lessen the need for external third-party vendors or developers.
  • A CRM they could customize and build on their own, their way.

Before Srinvasan’s team made their decision, they researched available CRM solutions, looking especially at industry analysis conducted by the Gartner Group and others. Creatio rose to the top because of its unique superpowers such as:

Impact of No-Code for BNI

Since implementing Creatio, BNI has found that the CRM’s ready-to-use tools and apps gave them a quick ROI. It was basically plug-and-play, which created initial and ongoing buy-in from their users. From the get-go, it has made them nimbler and saved them time with process automation. As anticipated, the no-code system has enabled customization for BNI’s unique needs. Those million leads a month now get assigned to the right BNI resource so they get the right information at the right time. The BNI service center has now transformed workflow to manage inbound global support tickets more effectively, efficiently, and personally.

Impact of Unified System for BNI

Another big benefit BNI has experienced from Creatio is its integration of data across the organization – no more silos. For example, BNI Connect is the heartbeat of member management. BNI Engage is the organization’s communication system. With Creatio, they are two parts of a whole. Plus, various lead sources such as the website, online apps, social media advertisements, landing pages for events, and more all feed the bank of data the organization runs on. Srinvasan reports that having a real-time dashboard and other reporting tools has really made a difference because they help BNI operate more effectively and optimize campaigns.

BNI is discovering new uses for Creatio every week, says Srinvasan. With Creatio as part of their infrastructure, they are more capable of expanding into new BNI franchises and growing new strategic alliances.

What about you?

What do you need a CRM to do? Think bigger than what it is currently delivering: Where do you want to go, and how could customer relationship and process management software help you get there?

Whether your business has 50 employees or 500, staying competitive today – and tomorrow – will require a unified CRM system. One with no-code bones that will empower you with the freedom to drive change and make your vision a reality.

As CRM consultants and business process analysts, we partner with small to mid-sized organizations with a desire to grow. Contact us today for a conversation centered on your questions, your goals, and your unique needs.

Visit the Michiana BNI chapter

Listen to the entire Interview from Menna, Chief Digital Officer, BNI



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