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Our earlier post, "Communicate through messages, publications, chats and chatbots"  introduced you to Beesender, which works with bpm'online to send and receive message through two market place applications: Bot Master for chatbots  and Operator. Today we'll share some illustrations of how these work.

Without professional-grade communications, your customers and your employees will be frustrated and your business can’t achieve greatness. Market Place Beesender is bpm’online’s latest contribution to the communication processes successful businesses need.

Beesender can create chatbots (welcome, service or sales bot) and connect them with business processes in bpm'online.  Because it gives an alternative to SMS messaging, it becomes easy for customers to communicate with your company. And it is easier for your company to intelligently process customers' requests from chats and start internal business processes. 


One way to initiate the chat is as a web page for connection options like this:


Connection to FB or Twitter web page


Or the chatbot can be setup so it is always available on your web site pages.  The web site visitor clicks a Chat icon to start the conversation.

Chat bot on website pages

Then once the icon is clicked the website visitor can select the channel for communication such as:

Chatbot pop up to select channel of communication


A third example would be an incoming message from a Facebook message:

Facebook message to alert agent

FB communication options with Chatbot


Back in bpm'online an agent clicks the 'active' green option to become active and enters into the communication.  Notice that Chat Bot is another communication option in the bpm'online communications panel, above the phone icon.


Bpmonline active chat communications-Beesender operator-1

Chatbot live agent options in bpmonline CRM

The agent options panel includes ways to enhance the communications and using the power found in bpm'online:

  • Answer quickly using a template selection
  • Add tags for quick identification
  • Run a business process for the current chat
  • Attach digital files
  • Link to a knowledge base articles
  • Transfer chat to another agent
  • Transfer to a different chatbot for special processing
  • Transfer back to a chat agent group
  • Close the selected chat


Under each contact who has been involved in chats, CRM users will find historical records of the communications

Historical list of chats with a specific contact

Also, there are additional communication channels like Facebook messenger, etc.

Beesended added new communication channels


All chat records have a wealth of detailed and summary information. 

Example of a specific chat record.

Chatbot details view in bpmonline CRM


Related messages are easily visible.

Contact and their chat communication history


The chat record will also display the operator(s), agents, and who have been involved.  The statistics tab shows accumulated totals. The Files tab will show any digital documents in the communication.

Chat record tabs - statistics


Accelerate business transformation with these bpm'online Market Place Beesender applications, which connect bpm'online with messages, social networks and website widgets, and enables operators to communicate with customers and employees directly from the communication panel of bpm'online.


Interested in how this might take your business processes from good to great?  Click on Start a Conversation.



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