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Is your sales team as productive as it could be? If they’re not, you’re losing sales potential and they are probably frustrated. They might be good, but they could be great.

Improve your reps’ productivity and morale in these five ways.

  1. Provide deeper understanding of your customers. Today’s customers expect to be known. You won’t win them or keep them if your sales reps don’t relate to them in ways that show that the reps know them. And remember, it takes longer and costs more to win a new customer than to nurture a repeat one, so keeping customers automatically gives you a better return on the investment of your employees’ time. 


76 Percent customer expect to be known by you

  1. Enable reps to sell on the move. Give them access 24/7, wherever they are, to your customers’ contact information and complete relationship history with your business, and your reps will have a strong competitive advantage. They’ll know the status of active orders, improve their phone conversations as well as in-person customer interactions, and capture more detailed, quality information to guide later sales, marketing, and customer service.

bpmonline mobile 7.10 on iPad

  1. Give them tools to get things done faster. Provide cool tools that make it easier for your team to accomplish tasks faster and watch what happens. Sales professionals who desire to do well are worth investing in. Support them well by providing process tools they need to succeed, and efficiency and morale will improve while sales increase. It’s like giving them wings, and they will carry you with them as they soar.


  1. Crystallize their focus. Do you have the data needed to show your sales team where the greatest potential is for them to invest their time? With a real-time 360-degree view of customer data from your CRM, your sales reps can focus their energy on the very best customers and opportunities. Plus, a tool that shows a close-up of each contact will prevent your business from looking clumsy and out of touch when your reps interact with customers.


Sales stage conversion rate

  1. Help your team make faster and smarter decisions. Actionable analytics are critical to drive your sales pros’ decision making. They’ll be able to prioritize high-quality leads, contact the right decision makers in each firm, leverage relationships between existing customers and prospects, and choose the appropriate collateral for each buyer.


Dashboard: Creatio (formally bpm'online) Lead totals 



Can you envision your very own smooth, well-oiled sales team expanding your market and increasing your revenue? We share that vision, and we know how to get you there.

Contact us today—let’s schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call to explore how you can ramp up your sales team’s productivity.


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