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Real business needs, real solutions with Creatio 8.0

We’re in the business of solving problems to make progress, faster

Business decision-makers often tell us their current CRM and management software solutions are falling short. Here are some of the problems they’ve brought to Success with CRM and the corresponding actual results they have experienced with Creatio and experienced professional services:

Business success requires genuine care for customers, read more.

The client said: “We need a full view of each customer’s experience with us, from sales through delivery to customer service. The piecemeal puzzle of information we get now isn’t working.”

How we helped: With the global insights into their customers they got from Creatio’s one unified platform, they could resolve cases faster. As a result, contract renewals increased by 17 percent.

Contact view Creatio 8.0



The client said: “Our teams do not have an integrated workflow. Is it possible for them all to use the same solution?”

How we helped: We customized an implementation process for them. As their internal teams began using Creatio’s one platform, they increased their engagement as their collaboration was easier. Plus, the genuine care they experienced from Creatio and us began to infuse all their business processes.


The client said: “We need to watch our budget. So many vendors seem to offer one price, but then we find out add-ons to make it fully functional for us blow it up.”

How we helped: Creatio doesn’t do vendor lock-ins or hide costs. This, plus the added productivity they gained, meant this client’s overall operating costs fell by 30 percent.

No-code designer to get results faster without IT support

No-code designer-1


The client said: “Our current CRM is limiting our growth. Our staff never adopted it well, and it has ended up being more trouble than it’s worth. Can we avoid that with Creatio?”

How we helped: Overwhelmingly, employees like the Creatio interface and readily adopt it. After implementing Creatio, this client experienced a 30 percent increase in productivity.

Determining the next best offer for the contact

Freedom UI Designer-Contact next best offer


The client said: “We need a solution that is fully customizable for staffing and recruiting. We need it to manage multiple pipelines for various products.”

How we helped: Creatio’s unlimited customization gave them the maximum degree of freedom. This company’s knowledge workers have been able to build the custom apps they need without writing a line of code. They now have a management system that supports all pipelines and their internal functions.

Creatio Application Hub- readily available templates

Composable Approach-1


The client said: “We need to automate numerous recurring processes so our staff can use time more efficiently and allow us to scale. But we don’t have the IT staff to make it happen.”

How we helped: We provided business process analysis with this client and then guided their implementation of Creatio, which is the global leader in a no-code platform that enables automation of industry workflows.


A video introduction of Creatio Freedom Release

Creatio 8.0 Altas (Freedom) release notes


Honored Client Testimonials - Reasons to  Believe 

We place the highest value on developing sincere and long-lasting relationships with clients by listening and providing real solutions to real problems. Give us a call (269-445-3001) when you have a problem, and we will work with you to tailor a solution.

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