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9 Min Read

Manufacturing sales rep - from opportunity to quote to sales order

Using the Infor Customer Experience - Sales Suite

Integrated CRM (Customer relationship management) + CLM (contract life cycle management) + CPQ (configure, price & quoting)

Take a look at how a manufacturing sales rep could work with a Dealer and create a new pricing contract. And the dealer can create their own quote using Enterprise Quoting.

All of this increases the accuracy of orders, reduces your end to end processing time and costs.

This amounts to increased customer satisfaction and provides you with centralized insights into your organization.

View the whole process in less than 6 minute video:

  • Creation of the sales opportunity by mfg. rep in CRM
  • Configure and link to new pricing contract
  • Dealer creation of quote with product selection
  • Generation of Sales order
  • Business KPI for centralized insights


Why it's important

Infor CX Sales Suite benefits.png

Using CRM to create the sales opportunity:

Select account to create a new opportunity....

Infor CRM- Create opportunity for dealer.png


Create new opportunity with new pricing agreement added...

Infor CRM - Insert Opportunity.png


Click to CLM - contract management for new pricing contract

Infor CLM-Steps 1-4.png

Create new Pricing agreement

Infor CLM-Pricing Contract-1.png


Completed Pricing agreement

Infor CLM-Contract summary.png


Click for CPQ - creation of new quote to sales order

Infor CLM -steps 5-9.png


Create the Quote

Infor CPQ-Quote Creation.png


Select products and pricing

Infor CPQ-Product selection.png


Order is submitted to ERP system

Infor CPQ-Order submitted.png


In CRM easily view sales order, account and KPI - key performance indicator

Completed Sales order view 

Infor CRM-Sales order ERP-CRM.png

Show KPIs in CRM 

Infor CRM-KPI metrics.png


View of the completed sales opportunity

Infor CRM new opportunity with sales price contract.png


Infor CX Sales Suite.png

See the whole process in 6 minutes

Infor-CX Sales Suite introduction video


Additional resources:

Infor Customer Experience Suite Infographic pdf

Infor Customer  Relationships Management  pdf

Infor Contract Lifecycle Management pdf

Infor Configure, Price & Quoting pdf

Using CPQ to ensure one vision of an order, from decisions to delivery  white paper

Step by step CRM Data Analytics ebook

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