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Knowledge FUELS Better Decisions and Actions

Knowledge is FUEL for Better Decisions and Actions


One thing I have learned over the years from my clients is how important it is for them to capture knowledge about their relationships with prospective and current customers. The more they can accumulate, the better decisions they can make and actions they can take.

It reminds me of the knowledge and actions that were needed to send astronauts into space, starting in the late 1950s. NASA’s "space program" included a thousand integrated projects that produced a multitude of new insights.

As new knowledge accumulated, innovations built on each other to fuel not only power space exploration but also improvements for our day-to-day lives. Insulin pumps, memory foam, and solar cells are just a sampling of things we take for granted that came from the sharing of knowledge by NASA scientists. .

Likewise, consistent, long-term, knowledge-based relationship development fuels business growth and continued success beyond what can be currently envisioned.. It does take ongoing effort, but the rewards are worth it.

A CRM system such as Creatio CRM provides the core capabilities to capture this knowledge and then make it sharable to help others within the business, allowing your business professionals to be more engaged and successful in their roles.

What kind of customer knowledge fuels better decisions and actions?

  • How often does each customer like to be communicated with? weekly, quarterly, or when a key event happens.?
  • What is their preferred mode of communications? Phone, email, or face to face? Or do they not want to be contacted?
  • What do they care about? Their interests, their family?
  • What successes and struggles have they experienced?
  • What level of influence do they have in the company and community?
  • What is their educational background, including schools and areas of study?
  • What are their social media connections for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?
  • Are they a reference or referral source?
  • Who else do they know and influence?
  • What past commitments and conversations have your people had with them? What missteps, if any, have been made in communicating with them?
  • What marketing content have they been reading and shown interest? What has had no impact on them?
  • Are they talkers or listeners?
  • What other details do you know about them? This might seem like trivia, but it matters to them.
  • What do they look like? Link their picture.

Creatio contact profile picture with option to update information from public sources 

Creatio CRM  -  Julie Cooper contact picture info

What knowledge about their company can fuel more strategic decisions and actions by your team?

  • What is their customer buying process?
  • Does the business fit your ideal customer profile?
  • Are you dealing with a division, department or the corporate entity?
  • How did they find your business? What Google phrase or referral source led them to you?
  • What marketing content attracts its people?
  • What has been purchased?  When, why, how often and how much?
  • What has been quoted but not approved?
  • What sales opportunities have been considered? Which ones were won and lost?
  • What is their influence in their industry?
  • Where are they in their growth pattern?
  • What related products or services might be useful to them, even if those are not currently provided by your company?
  • What other vendors do they use? Which ones are your competitors?
  • What past service issues and resolutions have they experienced with you? Which were positive or which weren't?
  • Are they in the top 5 percent, 20 percent or bottom 20 percent of your business?
  • Do they provide enough value for you to keep them?

Creatio Account timeline of all historical communications

Account activity timeline-Creatio-CRM


Creatio low-code CRM system captures valuable knowledge about people and business relationships.

  • It provides fuel for employees across your business to act in a intelligent matter and supply a positive customer experiences.  
  • It performs well across many applications throughout your business and adapts easily and fast to changing realities and processes. 
  • It is build to remain in your success accelerant for the long haul, without switching to another system.

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