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4 Key Challenges Addressed with Integrated CRM Sales and Marketing

Make your business work smarter with CRM

Focused and measurable electronic emarketing with CRM Integration makes your business work smarter.  Four challenges and missed opportunities can be addressed with a integrated marketing and sales solution from Creatio CRM.

1. Do I know my most profitable customers, and when was the last time I provided useful information to them?  Also, who has shown the most interest?  It would be much better to focus on the 20% of customers who generate over 80% of our business. 

2. Does my current method of marketing provide me with a qualified list of "ideal" leads? It seems we are sending out emails but our information is not connecting with prospects. Then the ones who do show interest are not as well qualified as they need to be, so my sales reps waste too much time.

3. How can I best measure progress in my business with one primary system?  I'm currently using a CRM system, but it doesn't communicate with my marketing system.  I have to upload the list of contact names, and then I have to use another application to see the results, and then I have to go back into my CRM system to make smart and timely follow-up calls.

4. How can I be reminded to follow up with the most important and highest potential contacts?  My sales reps have limited time. It would be so much more effective to already have interested contacts and better yet to know what they show the most interest in.

Business Principle 80/20:

Business success follows principles, and the Pareto 80/20 principle is one you can rely on. Your CRM system must be able to tell you who your most profitable customers are and must have enough intelligence for you to conduct smarter marketing.  Thus you can do a much more effective job of:

  • Informing and educating current customers

  • Reconnecting with past customers

  • Nurturing and qualifying prospects for your sales reps

  • Reaching the right people at the right time with the right message.

You'll be able to use information already in your CRM database to create segmented lists that can be used to provide the right educational and promotional content to the most interested people - personalization!

So now your message is reaching those readers who respond with opens, clicks, and forwards. Your marketing, sales and service system is gathering all kinds of information that can drive better marketing ROI. 


Those contacts who found your content helpful will have opened the emails and probably clicked on smartly planned links to gather more information from your web site, white papers, or product literature. This 'readership' knowledge is rated and the people with the most interest move from cold to warm to 'hot' interest status.

Better yet, this information is now easily found within your CRM system.  Sales follow can be better informed and organized on those people with the most promise.

With Marketing and Sales Creatio you'll have an integrated system on the exact same platform and the same user interface to accelerate productivity.



Business Development Solution with integrated CRM and marketing:

The CRM database system is the foundation so make sure you select one that can be customized to track what is important to your specific prospects and customers. Without question, business email addresses are a requirement. Identify your contacts' interests, their time-line, their must-haves and their like-to-haves.  Make sure you have a 'do not email' option, and we recommend having a set of check-boxes to indicate if they get specific electronic newsletters. 

Make sure your CRM system is easily accessible 24x7x365 by a smart phone, tablet or web so the sales reps are fully enabled.

Create educational content 80% of the time and your promotional content 20% of the time so the readership stays attracted to your message.  When you send, make sure that it is actionable with traceable messages (links).

Finally, provide your reps with immediate access to the marketing campaign results of Hot/Warm call lists, so it's easy for them to perform timely follow up.

Valuable free eBook, "How Intelligent technology accelerates marketing and sales alignment", download here: 
Key findings:
  • How to facilitate data sharing across teams and enable them to make data backed decisions to win the digitally-native customer.
  •  How to create a seamless process flow across marketing and sales departments and prevent teams from operating in silos.
  •  How organizations can add intelligence to their marketing and sales operations 


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What are you specific challenges integrating your CRM sales and Marketing system? 

When you are ready, give me a call:  269-445-3001  Schedule a Call with Dick


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