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Next-Generation Sellers and Creatio CRM: Do They Match?

It is time for a new way - accelerate with Creatio

Pushy. Arm-twister. High pressure. In it for the money. Close at all costs. Not a pretty picture for sales, is it?

It’s time for a new look. Same-old-same-old sales won’t work anymore because today’s buyers don’t respond to old ways. Thankfully the makeover is in progress. And platforms like Creatio CRM are contributing to it.

We really resonate with this new generation of sales pros. Like us, they believe their top priority is establishing a relationship with a customer or prospect and earning their trust.

What do they do that’s different? Read over these descriptors and see how your sales team measures up.

They reframe opportunity

The traditional definition of a sales opportunity is when a prospect is ripe for a sales pitch. Today’s sales pros turn this on its head. They see each interaction with a prospect as an opportunity to help in some way. We do too. That’s why our priority is always to listen well to learn, and even to help clarify what the true needs of an organization are. It makes no sense to offer solutions that don’t match the needs. 

Does your team listen more than they talk, then seek out ways to make life easier and better for customers and prospects?

They automate to increase the human touch

Wait, what? Doesn’t automation depersonalize? Today’s systems like Creatio CRM utilize automation to actually support personalization. AI is part of that scenario, as the platform learns and responds to preferences of each customer. Also, older CRMs often felt like they created more work than they saved, but today’s agile, automated, adaptable CRMs free sales reps for more meaningful personal contacts by automating the routine, repetitive business processes.

Does your CRM work for you, not the other way around, to free your sales team for trust-building meaningful interactions?

They treat team as more than a buzzword

Sales used to be a cutthroat field. Reps guarded their contact lists and their territory from even their coworkers, sometimes building loyalty to themselves instead of the company. That’s passé, and good riddance. Because what if the sales rep is sick or on vacation or moves to a different company? What if the customer has issues, but customer service isn’t talking to sales, so the sales rep is blindsided the next time he calls? Businesses have recognized that they can’t guarantee a unified customer experience without one source of knowledge about the customer and every single contact they have with their employees.

Does your team function as a true team, rather than operate in silos that create disjointed customer experiences?

They want warm prospects

Cold calling is incredibly inefficient. So is buying a mailing list. And both are huge turn offs for today’s buyers. Warm calling works so much better, as does targeted, meaningful content delivered to the right people at the right time. We love being able to partner with organizations that are ready to maximize the productivity of their sales and marketing staffs with modern CRMs that automate lead-generating functionality and email marketing.

Is your team receiving warm leads to follow up on from your marketing department in an efficient way?

They decide by the numbers

In successful, future-thinking sales and marketing departments, nothing happens because “we’ve always done it that way.” If the metrics don’t show results, something’s getting changed, from full-blown strategy to wording on marketing communications. And where do the metrics come from? We recommend choosing a CRM, tailoring it to your unique needs, and implementing it wisely so that it gets used across the board and becomes a rich source of data that can accelerate sales.

Is your current CRM enough actionable insights into trends in buyer behaviors at your sales director’s fingertips?


Is there a fit?

This new generation of sales pros are our kind of people. They are willing to genuinely invest in relationships, with the understanding that sustainable business development grows from human connection. Does that describe your team? Are there any areas where they could use a boost?

We’re excited to share the potential that the agile, adaptable Creatio CRM offers to accelerate transformation in today’s business environment. It was made for such a time as this – and for your future.

We welcome your questions. Contact us today.  SCHEDULE A CALL


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