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Put CRM to Work: Get More Jobs Done, More Revenue

When you think of the return on investment for CRM, do you think of sales and marketing? Good. Most business owners do. Creatio CRM goes beyond that, but just looking at its customer relationship management capabilities, it shines as a tool to accelerate sales and marketing results.

How, exactly?

Here in four steps is how utilizing the functionalities of Creatio CRM will improve your marketing, your sales, and your bottom line.

4 Steps to Getting Sales and Marketing Jobs Done with CRM

One: Identify your best-fit customers.

The more data you collect on customer behavior, the more comprehensive picture you will have of who your best customers are now and who are likely to be in the future.

Which needs and characteristics make organizations the best fit for your B2B products or services?

With this ideal customer knowledge, you can more intelligently decide which prospects you want to pursue. Your best-fit customers are your core group. Knowledge gleaned from them will be the basis of identifying your best prospects to guide your business development efforts.

More - Knowing your ideal customer really well.

Once you’ve identified your ideal customers and prospects, you’re ready for step two.

But before we go on, don’t forget to pay attention to who the key decision-makers and influencers are at each company, whether customers or prospects. These are the best people with whom to nurture relationships. Use your CRM to create profiles of them that include any insights you may glean along the way and all contacts that are made with them by anyone in your staff.

Make sure their experience with your company is seamless and personal. The last thing you want is for them to not feel seen and heard. Tune in to what they tell you, both verbally and nonverbally. Be sure to collaborate with them on how best to serve their needs.

Okay. On to step two.

Two: Market smartly to them.

With your Creatio CRM, segment your contacts into at least these two groups. There will probably be more, but this will get you started. Then design marketing communications specifically applicable to each. You can create them, send them out, and track responses right within Creatio’s social and email marketing functions. You can even automate them to some extent. The more you can tailor your messages to their interests and needs based on the purchasing behavior you’ve seen and the priorities you’ve learned by listening to them, the more effective it will be.

Lead source - Marketing Creatio

You’ll be able to measure the success of your marketing campaigns by the number of qualified leads they generate. Most Creatio users quickly appreciate the functionality it has to rate leads from most qualified to least. You’ll use this in step three.

Three: Use these best-fit leads to increase sales velocity.

Focusing sales efforts on qualified leads reduces the cost of sales in many ways. With Creatio, you can automate the repetitive parts of the customer journey for these leads, freeing your reps and account managers to give personal attention to high-value customers that delight and nurtures loyal relationships.

Your staff experiences greater productivity and satisfaction, too, knowing they are doing their best work. Plus, your sales cycle shortens. Gotta love that.

Four: Measure the results.

Your CRM dashboard should show you what jobs are getting done well and which processes need improvement. With Creatio’s low/no-code platform, “citizen developers” within your team – not IT developers – can adjust existing ones and create new ones to better serve your changing needs.

What else will you see? Increased top-line revenue and a healthier bottom line.


Creatio My Sales Pipeline

My Sales pipeline in Creatio low-code CRM

As we said, this is just a sample of how Creatio will accelerate the transformation and development of your business. Your goals are as unique as your business. We would welcome hearing what they are and exploring how we can provide tools and insights to help you achieve them. Contact us any time.

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